Dorothy Raphael

Orchestral Artistry

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I am a young Kiwi percussionist, embarking on the next stage of my career in the world of classical music. Orchestral Artistry is a programme at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama dedicated to the specialist training of orchestral musicians, run in partnership with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Barbican Centre.

My passion is the orchestral and chamber music I have grown up with here in New Zealand over the last decade. My artist teachers at Te Koki, New Zealand School of Music, Bruce McKinnon, Larry Reese and Lenny Sakofsky - past and present principals of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - have given me an excellent foundation. It is now my goal to refine my musicianship and gain international experience in one of the richest cities for orchestral music.

With this expertise, I can be a role model for the next generation of female drummers and percussionists. Here in NZ there are precious few of us!

I began at nine years old as a drum-kit player and loved playing in the school concert bands and with my girlfriends, entertaining the idea of being rock stars. However, I soon lost interest in competing in the macho world of rock drumming and instead concentrated on those 'smart' subjects at school, like calculus and physics. Nevertheless, during the Wellington Film Festival in my seventh form year at Wellington Girls College I saw Touch the Sound, a captivating film with Dame Evelyn Glennie. The scene with her in a vast, empty warehouse playing A Little Prayer on marimba ( caught my imagination and a whole world of percussion opened up. My life changed in an instant. I dropped calculus like a stone and auditioned for Te Koki, New Zealand School of Music. I have been devoted to the art of classical percussion ever since.

London is the place I have long since dreamed of being as a student. I am thrilled to have the chance to represent New Zealand at such a world-renowned institution and be amongst peers who are as passionate about percussion as I am. In six weeks' time I will finally be getting on a plane with my tambourine and triangle.

I have so far been awarded a partial scholarship from Guildhall School and the Kiwi Music Scholarship, plus very generous help from the Fame Trust, the Adam Foundation, and (towards my accommodation) from The Victoria League. I acknowledge with much gratitude this support.

I have $10,000 left to raise towards my international tuition fees, so any donation towards this $5,000 target on Boosted will indeed give me an incredible Boost! I would be delighted if you would help me take up my place at this prestigious conservatoire.

Thank-you all so much! Dorothy


  • 102%!!!!!!!!!


    Dear Supporters,

    Thank-you so much to you all for your generous donations to my project. C'est fini! It's happened and its so fantastic! I will take your support with me like a warm hug on this crazy, exciting adventure. Your dosh will fly straight to the Guildhall accounts, lucky them!

    I will endeavour to keep you all updated, if you wish, with my London tales. For now, please do come to my concert on the Saturday 23rd so I can play for you. I look forward to being able to return a bigger and better and London infused musician!

    Thanks again, with everything I've got!

    Warmest wishes,


  • nearly crunch time!!


    3% left in three days! I think we can manage that, Boosted you are a miracle!

    HUGE Thanks to the swamp of new donors!

    with a Big shout out to The Maridadi Singers and Drummers, from my hometown Canterbury, UK for their huge contribution xx

    I am gearing up to to leaving in two, short weeks time. Starting to through huge amounts of music, sticks/mallets and shoes; packing is going to be a huge challenge!

    Before I saying goodbye to everybody, I am really looking forward to performing in my up-coming concert on the 23rd. Take a sneak peak at our Zimbabwean marimba band Marimba Mojo -

    Hope I will see a few of you there :)

    Thanks again for all the love,

    your biggest fan

    Dori xx


    nearly crunch time!!
  • Fundraising Concert


    My Dear Boosted Supporters,

    The biggest thanks to you all for your donations! It is such a pleasure to look upon this site every day and see my champions in little grey squares. The serious countdown begins now to reach this target. If you have any friends who might similarly be interested in donating I would be so grateful if you could encourage them to do so!

    I am holding a concert on Saturady the 23rd of August, here in Wellington just two days before I skip town. I am excited to be able to perform for my supporters and celebrate some of the musical connections that have made life as a percussionist in NZ so special.

    I will be playing some of my favorite chamber music pieces from the NZ repertoire, a Steve Reich duet, plus a premier of a work written for me by my friend at the NZSM Steffan Paton. It shall be a feast of marimba music! Plus many cakes for sale by my enchanted bakers.

    I will be joined by my friends and coleagues from Stike Percussion, Jeremy Fitzsimons from Orchestra Wellington, Luca Manghi the most wonderful freelance flute player from Auckland and Marimba Mojo- the Zimbabwean Marimba band I run with my dad Julian Raphael.

    It would be wonderful to see your faces there and have the chance to thank you in person before I leave. To my guardian angels from the UK and overseas this could be tricky, but I am very much looking forward to being reunited with you soon.

    Much love and the warmest thanks, again!



    Fundraising Concert
  • Week 1 : NYO


    Dear Friends and Wonderful Sponsors,

    Thanks so much for the $$$s!! Your support is fantastic and I couldn't be more chuffed. Particular thanks to Simon Elwell from Inspire Photography for the beautiful photos and to Emma Gallagher and Sarah Hoskyns for assistance with my video.

    An update for week 1 of my campaign, I have had a great week with NZSO's National Youth Orchestra. Alexander Shelley led all 96 of us on an exciting Strauss-ian adventure. It has been such a joy to play with my New Zealand friends and leading such a strong percussion section. I am pictured here (from right) with Sam Rich, Hamish Upton and Rachel Thomas. By the way, I have found my South Island percussion-twin in Rachel. We are 50% of the back-row whanau. 

    Go Girls!

    Love Dori



    Week 1 : NYO