Hannah Dellow

OPIUM entertainment's debut in Wellington Fringe Festival 2019

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Meander On is a dance and theatre experience in NZ Fringe Festival, featuring all Wellington artists in a modern dance celebration of what it means to be her.

Opium entertainment is Wellington's newest professional arts company. Our ultimate goal is to entertain Wellington with shows and events that delight our audiences, provide paid work for Wellington performers, and a platform to foster collaboration between artists from different disciplines.

Most professional entertainment opportunities in New Zealand are currently in Auckland. We hope Opium can provide a much-needed boost to the Wellington arts and entertainment community, and give Wellington audiences great new options for great entertainment experiences.

In 2018 we produced our first show, Meander. Meander was a charity show raising money for Rape Crisis Wellington, Victim Support, and Youthline. The show was our modern dance interpretation of the process of healing from trauma. Producing Meander was a multi-disciplinary undertaking, with Wellington creatives volunteering their talents to work together to create for a cause.

We were overwhelmed by the support of our communities, with three sold-out shows. We raised $3,500 for our charity partners, and received outstanding feedback on the show from our audiences. Now, having proved that we can produce a great show, and attract and delight audiences, we are back.

We have taken all that we have learnt from our first show to create a brand new show for the Wellington Fringe Festival 2019. We hope that, by participating in the Fringe, we can be recognised and taken seriously in the arts, giving us the platform to continue to create and produce more works, providing more jobs for commercial dancers and artists in Wellington.

We are seeking the support of our communities to get Opium's new show Meander On to the Wellington Fringe Festival 2019. We are so grateful to all of the people who have supported our journey so far. This is only the beginning for Opium. We hope to continue to create works that have meaning and value for audiences, and for ourselves as artists.