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One Night Stand

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Teams have 24 hours, a line, a character and a theme - the rest of the night is up to them. The only thing we need to make this crazy festival happen is your support.

At the moment, we're self-funding the project out of the love of it. It's not a big budget event, but as collaboration and access are the drivers behind the project, we've made One Night Stand free for artists to enter. Your donation will allow us to meet our costs and complete the circle to pass the gift on to artists.


We want artists to create

One Night Stand is a 24 hour play festival which provides an opportunity for emerging artists to get together, get buzzing and get on the stage. It's a low commitment, fun and easy way for people to tread the boards at The Basement Theatre.

Most of us have some kind of work we do to make ends meet and often we don't have the time (or we think we don't) to create. The idea behind One Night Stand is to get people involved in a low commitment way and encourage them to keep creating and, most importantly, making time to create. There can be so many obstacles to creating, and time commitment is a huge one - One Night Stand takes this away, demanding only 24 hours of artists' time. Whether the final project is a hot mess or pure magic that's the beginning of something great, it's all about jump-starting the creative process and getting artists working together.

We want playwrights to write

Auckland is full of talented writers, some established, some emerging, and others yet to be discovered. Regardless of experience, One Night Stand provides playwrights a space to try out fresh and bold ideas on a receptive stage. Who knows - the next amazing piece of NZ theatre produced by Auckland Theatre Company or Silo Theatre might have all started with an idea sparked at 2am during a 24-hour race of writing, rehearsing and directing.

We want to keep building our community

The Basement Theatre is awesome. We love the community that has grown in, out of and around it and we want to nurture and work with that. One Night Stand allows people to collaborate and network with other practitioners and get amongst an awesome community, all while having a great time and creating some quality theatre. In essence, we want to continue to spark ideas amongst emerging talent at The Basement, to create opportunity for collaboration, and have a whole lot of fun.

For the public, One Night Stand is a fresh new way to experience theatre, with the rush of surprise and the expected unexpected. While traditional theatre will always have appeal, we hope that introducing a new, complementary format for performance will make even more people fall in love with the performing arts and The Basement.


We are Tom Simcock, Jonathan Lewis and Delia Cormack. We're moonlighting theatre producers - lawyers by day, scheming and creating our next theatrical projects by night. Jonny and Tom directed and produced the Auckland Law School Revue, while Delia has produced theatre throughout university and since including Velcro City for Eli Matthewson and Hamish Parkinson at The Basement, has worked with Last Tapes Theatre Company on their national tour of Verbatim around schools and corrections facilities, and co-choreographed the Auckland Professionals' Revue for Carbolic Productions. Our experiences of leading double lives are what made us want to create One Night Stand - we love getting involved in creative projects and love seeing others do so too.


1. Teams register in crews of up to 6 people.

2. Teams are allocated a round to perform on the 5th, 6th, or 7th of March. Five teams compete in each round.

3. At the start of each round, teams attend a briefing session at The Basement where they are given a common line and character, and a random theme. Themes might be specific, broad, or downright ridiculous. Teams will literally be picking this out of a hat on the briefing night.

4. Teams prepare their scripts, and email it to the organizers by 9:00am on their performance day. Rehearsals start!

5. Teams have a brief tech rehearsal at The Basement Theatre that afternoon to walk through basic staging and lighting.

6. At 7pm teams perform their plays at The Basement with the other teams in their round and the madness ensues!


With your support we'll be able to make One Night Stand a success. You'll be helping us support a range of artists, actors, writers, directors and designers, recognised, emerging, discovered and in between by providing them with a space to be bold and create.

We'd love to make One Night Stand an annual event and all our proceeds from the festival will go to covering costs and making an awesome event next year.

If you think what we're doing is a cool idea then please, help us make it happen! Many thanks in advance.


One Night Stand plays
5 - 7 March 2015 @ 7pm
The Basement Theatre, Auckland
Tickets $15 - Book now | 0508 484 253

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