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Navi is back and we need your help! With our third original production, (on) WHATIPU, devised by the Navi core team through exploratory sessions with local artists and community members using provocation and play. We will debut (on) WHATIPU in February and March of this year as part of the 2019 Auckland Fringe Festival at Uxbridge Arts and Culture Centre, and Empire Studios, respectively. 

Set on the wild, windswept shore of Whatipu, an immigrant to New Zealand digs her toes into the black sand of the long white cloud. Nina Johnson has come to the wilderness to reckon and wrestle with her identity and the musical manifestation of who she truly is. Far from the land of her birth, she encounters her dead relatives - a reunion she never expected and isn't quite sure she wants. She ventures to unearth the skeletons of her past so that she can move on to her future.  


Creator: Dawn Glover + Navi Collaborative

Scribe: Prema Cottingham

Ensemble: Courtney Eggleton, Carla Newton, Sam Goodger, Matt Smith, Lucas Haugh, Sarah Gallagher, Bonnie Warner-Blackburn, Joy Lee, Joshua Baty, Ian Pearce, and Nicci Reuben

Directors: Dawn Glover + Navi Collaborative

Producer: Navi Collaborative

Lighting Design: Michael Craven

Music and Sound Design: Lucas Haugh

Set Design: Dawn Glover, Bonnie Warner-Blackburn + Navi Collaborative

Puppet Design: Chocolate Lantern Theatre Co, Ross Goffin, & Ian Pearce


- Venue costs
- Production costs such as costumes, set, props etc.
- Artist stipends
- Consumables

We need your help! The arts are responsible for basically everything we love.

This is our third year of running a Boosted campaign as financial backing for our company. We've successfully raised over $10,000 since our inception in 2014. First, with our original play Balls, a grassroots play about rugby, relationships and the rough and tumble off the field. Secondly, with The Snot Gobbler, a collaboration with our sister company, Chocolate Lantern. A powerful original puppet show teaching children how to deal with grief.  And most recently in 2018, we ran a campaign to fund our production of Precious Little, an international work with it's NZ debut at the Basement Theatre. We performed to sold-out houses and were thrilled to bring such an intellectual piece of theatre to our audiences.

We are part of a thriving community of artists but the available funding is few and far between. Through crowdfunding, we hope to be able to support our team financially so that our art is to the highest standard. The arts make us think. They define us. We suffer as a culture when the arts are not supported, and we triumph as a community when the arts flourish.

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