Joshua Iosefo

Odd Daphne

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A weaboo baker, a dysfunctional Pacific family, a gay rugby player and a k-pop dance group all come together to form the perfect recipe for a beautiful disaster that explores love, language and loss.

Odd Daphne is an original community stage play supported by The Mental Health Foundation that challenges traditional Pacific attitudes towards mental wellness. It gives insight into depression within a contemporary Pacific context.

Specifically, the story looks at alofa/love and its varying cultural and generational attitudes. It also looks at representation of the LGBTQI community within a Pacific and rugby culture framework. It showcases the amalgamation of the Japanese / Asian Pop Culture community and Pacific youth culture reflecting the complexities of Pacific identity and how that affects mental wellness.

This piece of theatre does not aim to quickly "fix" this problem but hopes to encourage the Pacific community to start having these conversations safely and to raise awareness to services and tools that are available.


The Odd Daphne cast and crew are a mix of theatre practitioners, filmakers, community leaders, mental health nurses as well as family and friends who are supporters of the cause.

The show is not produced by an established theatre company or collective but a community of believers. In saying this, despite being a mixed bag of experiences we want to tell a QUALITY story that connects to various communities.

Odd Daphne will be a breakthrough of theatre that aims to touch the lives of many people through it's artistic flair and personal messaging.


Your donations will go towards various costs of the play including travel costs, catering, prop and set design, costumes, and hiring costs.


Odd Daphne is much more than a show to us and we welcome any assistance or conversations of any kind, whether that be some sort of partnership/alignment or any other form of donation - please get in contact : 


March 6th - 9th 2019
Mangere Arts Centre


We have been honoured to be the recipients of the Like Minds, Like Mine grant under the Mental Health Foundation which has helped us  pay for our venue and source some of our props and catering. We have also been lucky enough to work alongside Karen Kay Managment  who has acted as a professional guide and a believer in our work!

THANK YOU! Fa'afetai tele lava!  どうもありがとうございました!