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NZ Ukulele Senior Squad go to the Hawaii Ukulele Festival

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The NZ Ukulele Senior Squad needs help to perform at Hawaii
Awhina mai ki te Kapa Ukurere o Aotearoa

Who are they?

A group of 14 talented ukulele students aged 14 to 17 years old from around New Zealand have been invited to play at their first international performance at the Honululu Zoo and the 48th Annual Ukulele Festival in Hawaii in July 2018! A dream come true for these students who have been learning to play in a ukulele orchestra from their Musical Director and international expert in fretted instruments Philip Griffin. They play a range of music from baroque to pop rock to waiata Māori to original compositions and have quite a unique style. Hailing from Northland, Auckland, Rotorua and the Hawkes Bay they are the leaders and role models of our Junior Squad and Kiwileles.

A realistic goal of at least $2800 - which works out to $200 per student

They have all been busy fundraising for this trip but still need some help to make sure every student can make it there, no matter what. We have tried to keep the cost as low as we can, securing some affordable accomodation in a hostel, the cheapest flights we could find and using public transport while we are over there. However, as you can imagine, the overall cost is still high. It will cost $2600 each, a total of $34, 600 for all 14 students. Our goal for this campaign is $2800.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated!

We would love it if you could help Alanah, Allen, Arohaina, Caitlin, Darcy, Hannah, Jackson, Kiti, Marianne, Mary, Max, Niheta, Olivia and Stefan - all of our 14 students to get over there! Any koha/ donation would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate to help them to represent NZ in the 48th Annual Ukulele Festival in Hawaii

The NZ Ukulele Senior Squad are honoured to be representing Aotearoa overseas, and invite you to be part of this project, sharing in this journey of connecting with others from across the world through the ukulele.

Kia rere te ukurere! Kia rere te Kapa Ukurere o Aotearoa hoki!

Let the ukulele and the NZ Ukulele Squad soar!

Mahalo! Ngā Mihi Nui!

Thank you for your support!


  • Last day tomorrow! Less than $300 to go! Watch Caitlin, Darcy, Olivia and Marianne


  • Watch Allen, Mary and Niheta say thank you. We still need more donations please. Ngā mihi nui!


  • Let's try again! Watch what Olivia, Caitlin and Marianne have to say and play!


  • 10 days to go! Watch what Marianne, Olivia and Caitlin have to say



  • Limehouse Blues with the NZ Ukulele Squad and James Hill - watch a little of our music


  • Take 2! Hannah says thank you for your support so far. Keep donating and sharing


  • Hannah says thank you for your support so far. Keep donating and sharing


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