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NZ Guitar Quartet Celebrate Jack Body With New Commission

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The New Zealand Guitar Quartet, which is at the forefront of promoting works composed for classical guitar, plans to celebrate the life of composer, Jack Body with a special commission dedicated to this New Zealand Arts Icon.

And you can help be a part of it!

The NZGQ has commissioned guitarist and composer extraordinaire Marek Pasieczny to write a guitar quartet piece dedicated to and celebrating Jack Body's (ONZM) enormous contribution to New Zealand's composing community and the cultural life of the country.

Marek is enthusiastic and excited by the prospect of writing a piece for the NZGQ, and if funding is secured, plans for a premiere of the piece are already taking shape. The $6000 dollar target in this boosted campaign is to cover Marek's commission fee, with the new work projected to be between 15-25mins long.

The Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School and the Wellington Classical Guitar Society have kindly offered to be Match Donors for this campaign ($250 each) - so every dollar you donate, they will add a matching amount up to a maximum of $500.

NZGQ contributing to and developing guitar quartet repertoire:

The vast majority of pieces currently played by classical guitarists are arrangements of works initially written for other solo instruments or chamber groups (piano, violin, orchestra, string quartet). The NZGQ consistently looks for opportunities to develop the repertoire of original guitar quartet music and since forming in late 2010 has produced a growing canon of commissioned works for guitar quartet. One of NZGQ's recent arrangements includes New Zealand composer Jack Body's Ratschenita - from his Three Transcriptions. Several NZGQ members have personally collaborated with Body over recent years.


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Jack Body photo courtesy of Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust



Marek/Jane Guitar Duo NEW ZEALAND / AUSTRALIA Tour Dates:
Hamilton: Sept 1st
Warkworth: Sept 2nd
Auckland: Sept 3rd
New Plymouth: Sept 6th
Timaru: Sept 8th
Christchurch; Sept 10th
Wellington: Sept 13th (+ master class at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University)
Sydney: Sept 15th (+ master class at the Sydney Conservatorium)



  • Paying the Piper


    To all our donors: you have now all become part of the creation of a new substatial work. 

    The next step is for Marek to sit down and start writing. He was very impressed with your generosity in assisting to make this happen.

    We will let you know as soon as we hear the time-frame on writing and can't wait to announce the timing of the premiere!

    Cheers from all of us in the quartet!

  • The Home Straight!


    The NZGQ is absolutely thrilled and touched by the generosity shown by all those who have supported this boosted campaign. Although we haven' t got all four members in one place at the moment, we would like to reiterate John's thank you from the rest of us. Kia Ora!

    The Home Straight!
  • One week left, one quarter left!


    Well, what can we say - we could only think of two words that sums up what we want to tell you: THANK YOU.

    In the last few weeks, Jane and Marek have completed a tour of New Zealand, and Marek is really looking forward to composing this very important NZ work, if we can make to our goal.

    We have been so overwhelmed with your generous response to our request for help and have our fingers crossed we will get across the finish line.

    From us all in the quartet - Jane, John, Owen & Christopher

    One week left, one quarter left!
  • Almost a third of the way


    We can't believe how generous everyone has been so far! The Quartet is currently supporting one of our members - Jane Curry, as she tours New Zealand with the prospective composer of our piece Marek Pasieczny. It is an exciting time for them and us both as we watch and plan for this piece celebrating the life of Jack Body.


    Jane and marek are urrently in New Plymouth and will be heading to Timaru for a concert on Thursday (8th Sept). We hope some of you have the opportunity to catch up with them and ask about this new piece.


    Thank you again for your support.



    Almost a third of the way