Elekis Constanza Poblete Teirney

NZ Artist Exhibiting at the Prague Quadrennial

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My name is Elekis Poblete Teirney. I am an designer and installation artist working with light as my medium. This year I have been accepted into the Prague Quadrennial where I will be presenting my work in two different exhibits, the Student/Emerging Designer Exhibition and the Light Spot Exhibition. 

I will be presenting the work 'Stoppage' which focuses on the property of light being invisible unless touched. Audience members are guided to explore and discover the light in its tangible form. I began to develop this piece during my third year at Toi Whakaari and have continued working on it for over six months now. I consider it a great privilege to be able to share this work overseas. 

The second piece I will be presenting is called 'We're Going To The Disco'. This piece focuses on active spectatorship and the potential of play by the audience. I am interested in the accessibility of art and light installation is the way I wish to tackle that interest. 

Since the exhibition is all the way over in Prague I have to hire and source the mayority of my equipment there.

This is where you come in, I need help to cover costs for hirage of equipment, your support will make sure I can present the pieces without compromising the vision and intention. 

Every dollar counts, every share counts!

Thank you!