Lisa Scott

Not Like You Said It Would Be

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My third book - Not Like You Said It Would Be - is a work of fiction set in Port Chalmers and Purakaunui. It's about losing yourself at the end of love, and it's funny, sad and true.

Who is Lisa Scott?

I'm a columnist and author who lives in the small seaside community of Purakanui, about 30 minutes outside Dunedin. A full-time writer since 2008, I've been mentored by some marvellous editors and shaped like a sand spit by the tides of trying. At every stage of my career people took a chance on me and I'm hoping, if you like my writing, that you might too.

It's often said that the best art comes out of unhappy times and by that measure the last 8 months, which saw me go through a breakup, a breakdown and a city-to-rural lifestyle change would supply enough creative juice for ten books, but I'm just writing the one.

Why do I need your donation?

I know that if I had two months without the stress of having to take on freelance writing so I don't starve I could finish a good first draft, pour all my energies into writing the book instead of constantly pitching for work.

What do you get out of it?

The satisfaction of producing a new work of New Zealand fiction! I really think this would be an enjoyable journey for a lot of people and I'd love to think that anyone who donates will feel glad at heart to have supported me and made something marvellous, something tangible and real.

Let's do this together! Thanks so much for donating and sharing.





  • Good news and time for crossing everything!!!


    Dear lovely friends and funders of Not Like you Said it Would Be. Well, the first draft of the novel is finished and off to my publisher of choice. Please send our baby your best thoughts and positive energy. Of course I'll keep you posted, but quite frankly, if we get a green light you'll probably hear me screaming from wherever in the country you are.


    love and gratitude, Lisa xxx

  • Progress report from Lisa


    Hello my beloveds!! I'm so, so very grateful to you all for getting me to this point and have been genuinely moved by your generosity. Over the last three weeks I've been working hard on the book as well as promoting this campaign in as many ways as I possibly can but NOW is the hour for me to first thank you profusiely, and second, ask you a favour: please forward this campaign to your friends, whanua, colleagues ... everyone and anyone you can think of. Roll on the final 50%!!!!!