Cath Cocker

Nocturnal Projections and Other Small Happenings

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A mid winter light and sound exhibition to warm the cockles of the cold winters blues, Nocturnal Projections and Other Small Happenings will be exhibiting well-respected New Zealand sound and light artists in the nooks, crannies and building faces of mid-winter Dunedin.

Situated in and around the Octagon, the exhibition will be opening on July 11th and running through to August the 11th, 2017.

All donations will go towards making Nocturnal Projections & Other Small Happenings possible, and every last dollar counts!

Visit our website for more information at

About the exhibition name:

The name 'Nocturnal Projections' is directly copied from and with the permission of the early 1980's NZ rock band that left such an impression on our music and my teenage mind. As Andrew Schmidt says, "Nocturnal Projections' soaring avant-garde rock was one of New Zealand's stand-out responses to the bottomless pool of left field sound coming out of the United Kingdom in the late 1970's and early 1980's." Nocturnal Projections, active between 1981-1983, hailed from New Plymouth and consisted of members Peter and Graeme Jefferies, Brett Jones, and Gordon Rutherford. With lots of "Thank Yous" to them!

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