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Last year I was lucky enough to be selected as one of eight teachers from all over New Zealand for the SGCNZ  Teachers Go Global 2018 course in London. Whoohoo!

It's all happening! I can't wait to experience the world of Shakespeare in this remarkable two-week rendezvous in the most iconic of theatre spaces - Shakespeare's Globe. 

The course offers a variety of comprehensive workshops on voice, movement, text, production, and teaching, as well as sessions with renowned Globe Education practitioners, theatre directors and actors. The tour culminates in a 45-minute performance on the Globe stage (eep!), directed by a resident Globe director, for a public audience. Who wouldn't want to tread those historic boards, following in the footsteps of some of the world's most incredible actors? We will also get to experience the new Sam Wanamaker Playhouse - the Globe Theatre's indoor counterpart - check it out here!

I have had a love affair with The Globe Theatre ever since I was a high school student, and was excited to learn that this trip also involves a unique opportunity to work with 24 inspiring, Shakespeare-obsessed school students, and seven like-minded teachers, from all over NZ. The key element of the course is surely the Globe Education workshops where we are given time to interact with multi-cultural school communities around London to learn, understand and practice new techniques for working with the Bard.

As an English and drama teacher, actor and director, I look forward to soaking up the culture and knowledge at The Globe in order to further my own professional and personal development. And I hope to pass these new skills on to my fab classes at Christ's College and Original Scripts Theatre School  once I return.

I intend to share my experiences on a variety of platforms - namely, a blog that people can follow and enjoy, with regular photo updates. I'm also intending to offer workshops and presentations for students and the public (come along!). I believe this is a phenomenal chance to learn from our global community and then give back to our local and school communities.

All in all, I am planning to squeeze every last thing I can out of this trip in order to further my own development in education, theatre and life, as well as enhancing the skills and lives of the exceptional and talented students I work with every day. I'll even get to meet my new niece or nephew on the way home!

So what can you do to help?

Selection for the SGCNZ Teachers Go Global 2018 means I need to raise about $11,000 to cover the course and associated costs - this includes international and domestic travel and taxes, insurance, accommodation, meals, theatre tickets and incidental expenses. 

Christ's College have been incredibly generous in their support for this professional development, both generally and financially, and I am exceptionally grateful for their significant contribution to the project. My aim is to cover the remaining costs myself, along with this Boosted campaign.

A huge and heartfelt thanks goes out to all my family, friends and colleagues for their fantastic support and ongoing encouragement this year - I would certainly not be living this dream without them, or you!

Aroha nui,



  • Guess who just smashed the 100% for Nikki Goes Global!?



    Guess who just smashed the 100% for Nikki Goes Global!?

    You did, that's who! MASSIVE THANKS to the 34 fabulous people who contributed to the online Boosted campaign, and those who have been donating money in person also!

    I am eternally grateful that we've met the target and I can rest a bit more easily with regards to funding! Whew! Less than a month until take off!

    With only two days left in the campaign, and a further $3000 to find, you are more than welcome to keep passing this around and encouraging people to donate!

    Boosted are awesome - they only take 10% of the target amount in order to fund their website and staff, and they let the donations continue to flow for the duration of the campaign! Sky's the limit!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you all,

    Guess who just smashed the 100% for Nikki Goes Global!?
  • What a difference a day makes!


    Wow! What a difference a day makes!

    Huge thanks to all the donors yesterday who lifted the bar from 45% to 82%!

    It's super cool to see how many fabulous people are willing to see this project succeed!

    There's only 4 days left to reach the target - if we don't make it, the funding doesn't go ahead and the money returns to the donors.

    So please take 5min to sign up and make a donation if you can, or forward this on to someone who you think would be eager to help out!

    Love you all dearly and eternally grateful!


    What a difference a day makes!
  • Crossing the $1000 threshold!


    With 16 incredible donors and 16 days left, today I was stoked to see we've made it over the $1000 mark which means we're 40% of the way there!

    Massive shout out to my generous colleagues and theatre family this week who have helped make this checkpoint - your donations are hugely appreciated!

    Don't forget to share your good deed with all your friends and let them know where they can go to make a contribution, too, or even just to see what Teacher's Go Global is all about - you never know, we might get a few more people keen for the 2020 tour!

    Have a fabulous Friday!

    "Frame your mind to mirth and merriment which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life!"

    Much love,


    Crossing the $1000 threshold!
  • Woohoo! A QUARTER of the way there!


    Stoked to come home and find we've made it to the 25% mark! 


    Now, the rough distance from here to the heart of London is about 18,982km, so with your help I can now travel 4,745 of those kilometres!

    BUT.... that would leave me stranded somewhere near Darwin, at the top of Australia's Northern Territory.

    Now, I'm sure Darwin is very nice in July, but the theatre scene is not quite the same as what's on offer at the Globe! So if you can pass this link on to any friends, families or organisations that might be able to spare the time to read about the project, and perhaps even contribute, that would be amazing!

    If you'd like to come and see some of the other work I do, I'm currently working with make up artist, Pip Stephenson, to run a team of 18 students (boys and girls!) behind the scenes, creating the hair and make up for the outstanding Christ's College and Rangi Ruru production of West Side Story!

    Have a fabulous week!

    Lots of love,


    Woohoo! A QUARTER of the way there!
  • 21% in 24 Hours! Thank YOU!


    WOW! Thank you so much for the flurry of support over the past 24 hours! 

    It's been incredible seeing how many people have engaged with and shared the campaign on Facebook (you guys rock!) and of course those of you who have donated to the project! I'm so grateful to you!

    So a huge THANK YOU to all of you and anyone else who is spreading the word!

    If you have made a donation, please let your friends know how awesome you are by sharing that on Facebook or whichever media platform you prefer. 

    All the best for an amazing weekend - you've earned it!

    Lots of love,



    21% in 24 Hours! Thank YOU!