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Nightsong envisage a future where we continue to deliver unique and exciting shows to our audience. But, now, we urgently need to raise $70K by mid-November so our company can continue entertaining and engaging with the communities around Aotearoa. If we don't,  everyone will miss out on the opportunity of experiencing Nightsong's magical and high-quality theatre productions.


Carl and I have been working together since Carl had darker hair and I had more of it. Sixteen years ago, we didn't see enough ambitious theatre shows in New Zealand. We wanted to make work that tackled big themes, that was innovative and pushed the boundaries of what was possible in Theatre.

"Anyone who has met Ben Crowder or experienced his work is left in no doubt of his most enduring qualities; enthusiasm and optimism."

In 2019 our works are still inspired by our curiosity about the world. Carl Bland writes rich multi-layered stories, full of beauty, humour and pathos. We believe theatre is a place of magic. A place that helps us understand the world around us. A place where the audience and the actors share a moment in time and experience together what it means to be human. We have worked with ambitious ideas, collaborated with great designers and technicians and sold out main stages like the Civic stage in January 2014 with our show 360. We believe the work we do matters.  


After many years we finally moved to annual funding from Creative New Zealand - only to be dropped 6 months after. With just three weeks to go before our latest production Mr Red Light was due to open in Auckland, the CNZ news came as a cruel body blow, especially as we'd barely finished cleaning up the champagne corks after receiving the funding a few months earlier. Carl and I had relished the security and support this annual funding afforded, and for the first time in our rather long artistic careers were able to have some regular income. 

Five years of hard work had gone into business planning, engaging with CNZ, building a resilient organisation, a strong board and leasing a small office.


Our big focus in 2020 and 2021 was to present Mr Red Light in Wellington in March, and then to tour it through a consortium of regional centres we've been working with who believe in Nightsong's work. In fact, they'd like to see both Mr Red Light, and a remount of Te Pō next year in their programme. Two new works are also in development as well as a host of other activities, basically we are trying to salvage as much of 2020/21 as we can.

We would appreciate your Boosted support. We've always been recognised as risk-takers and boundary-pushers! And, with our deep love and passion for theatre - and the lifeline of support from friends and colleagues - we're committed to continuing to surprise and excite audiences to what is possible theatrically. Nightsong needs as much help as we can get.

If you're curious about the world, share in our curiosity, support our campaign, see our shows and please give generously so we can continue inspiring Aotearoa through our shows.

Thank you for your support.  

Ben Crowder, Carl Bland and the team of Nightsong

If you want to catch MR. RED LIGHT, We Are Now On Tour! 

An hilarious ride from wild slapstick to the meaning of life...

Mr Red Light, the unluckiest man in the world, and the world's worst bank robber, bursts through the door. In a tense stand-off with the police he takes our three strangers hostage. Mr Red Light is a trickster, a fool, a prophet. As evening falls, he transforms the pie shop. Into a forest, an ancient camp fire, a vast desert. He changes our hostages' lives. Suddenly the pie shop is no longer a place for lost souls, it's a place to find your soul.


Presented by Nightsong with Tour-Makers 

OAMARU - 11 Oct 2019 // Oamaru Opera House, Oamaru

DUNEDIN - 15 - 16 Oct 2019 // Regent Theatre, Dunedin

WANAKA - 19 Oct 2019 // Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka

NELSON - 23 Oct 2019 // Theatre Royal, Nelson

BLENHEIM - 25 Oct 2019 // ASB Theatre Marlborough, Blenheim

TAURANGA - 29 Oct 2019 // Baycourt Addison Theatre, Tauranga