Arapeta Ashton

Ngā Uri o te Tai

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Kia ora e hoa mā!

My name is Arapeta and I have been working on a collaborative art project with my whānau (family) for the past year called 'Nga uri o te tai'. Meaning the offspring of the tide, the project seeks to document the living practices of my whānau as people of moana-nui-a-kiwa, people of the Pacific Ocean.

We had an amazing first exhibition in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, and we are wanting to take the exhibition back to our kāinga (home) of Whangateau, Aotearoa.

To give you some insight on our first exhibition, my whānau and I had created three film works that documented our practices of fishing, diving for seafood, and very badly surfing - and was presented in an immersive installation. Nonetheless it was a beautiful time making the work and we treated everyone at the exhibition with KAIMOANA (SEAFOOD) FROM OUR HOME! #thatshowweroll


We are taking the exhibition back home and things are getting BIGGER! MUCH BIGGER!

We are seeking funds that will help us to cover our venue hire, costs to re-film and shoot new film works, and transportation of Māori taonga (highly prized family cultural objects).

The exhibition is already becoming more community driven and is for community near and far!

We hope you can help us and in return we can host this project with a beautiful feed of KAIMOANA!