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New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year 2015

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New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year, now in its seventh year, is the country's most prestigious photographic event. Open to emerging and established artists, the competition encourages photographers to celebrate New Zealand, and Kiwis to reconsider their environment and society with fresh eyes.

Now, you can be part of making this massive photographic event happen.

Every year the competition receives more than 3000 entries, the best of which are chosen to be part of a touring exhibition visiting the city centres of Christchurch and Auckland, visited by some 33,000 people. This year's competition is underway with some fantastic entries received already... but we need your help. As the event is free to enter and attend, we rely on sponsorship from organisations and public funders, but that gets harder every year. In 2015, we're also reaching out to New Zealanders such as yourself to support this celebration of local visual arts.

The 2015 finalist images will be unveiled in a free outdoor touring exhibition, held in an innovative assembly of shipping containers in Christchurch's Cathedral Square in August, and on the Auckland waterfront in October. Your donations will help cover the cost of installation, photographic prints and hire of the shipping containers. This year we've also introduced a new timelapse category which will be presented in a special container fitted out with large LCD screens and headphones!

For the photographers, the exhibition has proven to be the launching pad for visual arts careers. Many finalists have gone on to contribute on a regular basis to New Zealand Geographic and other magazines. Others have sold high quality art prints and gained professional contacts within the industry.

For the public, the competition provides an important perspective into parts of New Zealand society few have contact with, insights into the nature of our environment, and a wide view of New Zealand's diversity and cultural wealth. As an important interactive element, every visitor can vote for his or her favourite photograph for the coveted People's Choice award.

In 2014, the exhibition engaged 33,000 members of the public, and the audience award received 36,000 votes-a testament to the popularity of the competition, the engagement with the kaupapa, and the public interest in the photographic arts as a means of making sense of our place and context.

Donate today and you'll help us celebrate the time-honoured art of photography and the extraordinary natural and cultural riches of Aotearoa, New Zealand. If you have any questions, or if you would like to receive a free 2016 32-page calendar featuring the finalists and winners of the competition by emailing win@nzgeographic.co.nz