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Navigating to Norfolk

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Emerging young navigators are training in the ancient art of wayfinding on a voyage to Norfolk Island using only the stars and natural world as their guide, training in preparation for an epic pan-Pacific voyage to the Festival of the Pacific Arts in Hawaii 2020.


The art of traditional wayfinding in the Pacific would have been lost many years ago if it were not for a handful of master navigators who had the vision to pass the knowledge on to a new generation.

In September 2018, a crew of 24 men and women from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Hawaii, Rarotonga, Samoa and Fiji will sail double-hulled waka Haunui from Aotearoa to Norfolk Island and back. The voyage is of critical importance as it provides an opportunity for recognised navigators to train emerging navigators in the ancient art of wayfinding and blue-water voyaging. The emerging navigators will be identified and trained in preparation for an epic pan-Pacific voyage to the Festival of the Pacific Arts in Hawaii 2020.

Norfolk Island is the closest landmass to Aotearoa that provides an open-ocean 'blue-water' sailing and navigation experience. The voyage comprises two 'legs', Aotearoa-Norfolk and Norfolk-Aotearoa. With no direct or regular flights to Norfolk from Aotearoa a special plane-charter is required to conduct a crew swap-over on Norfolk Island to maximise the blue-water training opportunity for as many people as possible.

The relatively short distance and sail time (approx 10 days each way) helps to make fundraising for the voyage possible, but the total budget still comes to $70,000+ - so we need your support!


The crew are primarily volunteers, who work other jobs for an income, but dedicate their lives to supporting the revitalisation of Pacific voyaging and do everything they can to carry this kaupapa forward into the future, so that its never at risk of being lost again.

The crew fundraising group for 'Navigating to Norfolk' have been putting in a lot of hard mahi to make this training-voyage possible - but we need your help!

We are aiming to raise $15,000 of the funds through 'Boosted' donations.

Will prepare the waka for the journey - this will ensure that all necessary safety equipment is up to scratch. It will also ensure that the costs are met for sanding and oiling the decks, cleaning the hulls and sails, along with other general maintenance requirements.

Will help to pay for the charter plane from Aotearoa-Norfolk return - allowing 9 of the crew to join the voyage in Norfolk to sail on the return leg to Aotearoa, and the 9 crew subbing-off the voyage to return to Aotearoa via aero-waka.

Will help to provision the waka with food for the crew (16x crew onboard the vessel at all times, for 27x days: 10x days Aotearoa-Norfolk voyage, 7x days on Norfolk Island, 10x days Norfolk-Aotearoa voyage) they will definitely need to eat!

If we exceed $15,000 here is what your donations will help to pay for:

Will support the filming of the voyage and post-production work to create an epic short-doco that captures the 'Navigating to Norfolk' journey - so that a voyage for some, can become a voyage for many!


Boosted is an 'all or nothing' crowdfunding campaign. We have to raise the full $15,000 in 30 days or we don't receive any of the funds (it gets refunded back to the donors). So we need all the support we can muster from our vast community of family, friends and patrons of the arts - every little bit counts!

Donors can be anonymous or named, and the size of each donation is confidential. You will be asked to register before making your donation so that the Arts Foundation can email you a receipt (they won't send any other spammy stuff and your information is kept 100% secure, with the banking part powered by Westpac). When a project closes successfully, the Arts Foundation (a registered charity) emails donors a receipt, which NZ income earners can use to claim a 33% tax credit on their donation from the IRD.


Thank you for taking the time to check out the campaign. We look forward to thanking all of our donors with the short-doco that will capture the 'Navigating to Norfolk' voyage - allowing everyone to share and benefit from the richness of the journey! The short-doco will be spread freely on social media and on our website so that its available for everyone to enjoy.

The most rewarding thing about donating to 'Navigating to Norfolk' is knowing that you have actively supported the ongoing revitalisation of traditional voyaging and navigation in the Pacific. Ngā mihi nui ki a koe mō tō tautoko o te kaupapa nei.

We are humbled and grateful for your support in making 'Navigating to Norfolk' a reality!

Photo credit: Mamea Photography
Photo credit: Erica Sinclair Photography



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