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Native In Nuhaka

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Tēnā koutou katoa!

We are a bunch of kids from Aotearoa who grew up watching classic New Zealand films.

We love New Zealand film so much that in June this year we started making a short documentary about the love affair between Māori and Cinema. We wanted to talk to people about their early experiences with film.

With the support of a few mates we pulled together a small crew and drove to Nuhaka to the Wairoa Māori Film Festival to interview the festival organisers, watch movies, meet the filmmakers, hang out with some of the audience members and interview some of the locals.

When we got back to Auckland and watched the footage we realised how inspiring the interviews were and how willing people were to talk about Māori cinema. We were so impressed by the people we met and the stories they shared that it made us think twice about the potential of our short documentary - maybe we could develop it into a full length feature film and take it on the road?

So one thing lead to another and suddenly we're here on Boosted. 

We're asking for donations, crowd funding or koha.. whatever you want to call it. We don't need a lot of money but with the funds we raise we'll be able to hire a good camera, do more interviews around Aotearoa, cover costs for post production, buy a website and pay someone to help with a solid marketing and distribution plan to take our film around the world.

So join our team and help us share our passion for Māori cinema with the world.

I roto i te ngakau arohako ta matau inoi kia manaakitia ta matau kaupapa.
E inoi nei matau kia homai he koha hei awhina i ta matau mahi hanga kiriata.


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    And we need now more than ever please donate to help us complete our documentary about Maori cinema. Nothing on this scale has been achieved before, particularly a documentary about the journey of Maori film. You can help to make this vision a reality. There is still time to support our project. Give from your heart and you'll never go wrong in life.

  • Meet Hiona... our WAHINE Director!


    Of the feature films made globally last year, only 6% of them were made by female directors and none of them by Maori female directors. Well we think it's pretty depressing being under represented like that and we want to do something about it. If you'd like to make a difference heres what you can do. By investing a major stake in our film project of $500+ we will give you (insert drum roll):

    . A fancy Executive Producer film credit

    . An invitation to the New Zealand premiere

    . Logo placement across NATIVE IN NUHAKA media and marketing resources

    . And we'll even throw in an invitation to our International premiere

    Make a donation today and lets finish making this film!




    Meet Hiona... our WAHINE Director!
  • Meet Hiona, our Director!


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