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Natalie Beran Shakespeare's Globe International Actor's Fellowship

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Hello! Natalie Beran here - actor, theatre/screen/radio producer, voiceover artist and super excited to be selected for the 2015 Shakespeare's Globe International Actor's Fellowship in London!

What's the Shakespeare's Globe International Actor's Fellowship you say?

The IAF is hugely exciting - a three-week intensive full time course of professional development opportunity. I'm one of 24 actors from countries including Canada, France, Georgia, Germany, Kiribati, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Korea, USA, Australia and more, to share our own and learn from others' approaches to Shakespeare. We'll be learning from The Globe's Heads of Voice, Movement and Play, get unique one-on-one coaching of Globe experts, a wide range of workshop and talks, exploring the Globe's unique architecture, as well as exploring the music, movement and stage craft of Shakespeare's time. The programme concludes with a rare showcase performance on the Globe stage to an invited audience in the "Wooden O".

While I'm on the Fellowship I'll also have the chance to see the current Globe and Sam Wanamaker Playhouse productions (Measure For Measure, Richard II + much more) and hopefully a West-End drama or two.

Of course an experience like this comes with a price-tag. There's fees, flights, accomodation and transport costs and I'm very thankful to The Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand and it's amazing organiser Dawn Sanders, who has secured some amazing sponsorship from Creative New Zealand towards the fellowship. Thank you so so much!

To cover the rest of the budget - I've been saving hard, pulling maximum overtime shifts, chasing funding opportunities and we have a fundraising event before I fly out on Sept 16th.

There's still a way to go thou... so I ask pretty please if you could check the junk drawer for those leftover pounds and pence and help me here on Boosted to raise $3500. Anything over and above that would also be amazing and will be put towards extra workshops, including a voice-over masterclass.

One of my many hats (actor, theatre & radio producer, announcer & voice over artist, drama school manager) is producer of the AUSA Auckland Outdoor Summer Shakespeare. When I get back from the Globe I'll be full-on into producing The Tempest - so I can't wait to come back and share the skills and knowledge I'll be learning with everyone :)

Thank you!

For more info on all the projects run by the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand, check out  Thanks SGCNZ!


  • Amazing!


    A quick update from London and the amazing Globe Stage - what an amazing two weeks so far, our time here is flying by and we are working with an amazing group of directors, stage managers, voice, text, movement, choreography and music heads of department.

    We've also been lucky to be able to see several Globe shows including Measure for Measure, The Oresteia, Nell Gwynn and we'll see Richard II next week too.

    And we spent a day working in the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse which is part of the Globe complex and will be showing four of Shakespeares late plays this winter season.



  • Made It To London and 100%


    After two long flights and a wee bit of a wait in Hong Kong - made it to London!

    And while I was somewhere over China and Russia some lovely boosters popped this thing up to 100% !

    Thank you so much to everyone for all your support. Very excited to be stepping into The Globe on Monday and starting the classes, lectures and rehearsals.

    The lovely people at Boosted tell me that there's still a few hours left to go on my project, so there's still a spot of time to boost if you were planning to and any extra funds over the 100% will get me into a couple of extra workshops and masterclasses while I'm here.

    Thanks again!

    - Nat  :)

    Made It To London and 100%
  • All I Need To Know...?


    Perfect! A little light reading for the plane!

    One week until I fly out to London, getting excited, getting nervous, getting there with the fundraising and getting organised with everything we are to prep before the course begins.

    Thank you so very much to everyone who has given me a boost, one last favour to ask, please help spread the word (ie; my boosted page) - 9 days left and just $850 to go.

    Thank you!!


    All I Need To Know...?
  • Thumbs up! On the road to Shakespeare's Globe!


    Everything is starting to get very real for the Fellowship!

    A draft schedule of the first couple of weeks has come through and WOW we are going to pack it in over the 3 weeks - working with Bill Buckhurst, Raz Shaw, Tayo Akinbode, Giles Block, Dominic Dromgoole and many more!

    We get to see the shows that will be playing at The Globe and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse including a Press Night of Nell Gwynn by Jessica Swale.

    And some curious incidents in the nighttime - a twilight rehearsal session late late at night - leav the ghost lights on, we're coming to play!

    Huge thank you to my lovely donors who have given me a boost. 

    Thumbs up! On the road to Shakespeare's Globe!


    Thumbs up! On the road to Shakespeare's Globe!
  • Wellington Fundraising Event


    Hi everyone!

    I'm heading down to Wellington next weekend. Join myself and Jean Sergent (the other NZ Actor's Fellow) at the Southern Cross Garden Bar (39 Abel Smith St) Sunday 30th August - 10:30am - 12:30pm

    Come and join us and Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ alumni for some great short/sharp Shakespeare scenes over coffee / juice / bubbles.

    $25 Adults; $15 Children

    RSVP to by Thursday 27 August



    Wellington Fundraising Event