Sasha Ogletree

My Music Dream!

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Ive always wanted to be a singer.  I remember dancing and singing to Britney Spears when I was a kid, wishing I could be just like her when I grew up... Probably wasnt the best goal to have...  But even though it has been my lifelong dream, I have never really done anything about it. I have put it off for so many reason- I was too fat, too young, not good enough, too uncool, too blah blah blah etc etc.

But now that I have my two awesome kids and my awesome partner (who is super hunky) and the support from so many people, I am ready to get started on this dream! I am wanting to get a few of my original songs (which are accompanied by the hunky bf on guitar) recorded professionally, so that I can start sending demos to companies! And this comes with a bit of a price tag... One that we cant really afford, because, honestly, we can barely afford cheese (who can though, right?).  

SO! I am reaching out to friends, family and people I do not know for help to spare a few dollars to help me achieve this step in my journey.  

I am ready to believe all the people that tell me I am good and I am so confident I can do this.  

If you believe in me too, please donate.  Or even send well wishes!  Or even hook me up with Calvin Harris' number.... Whatever you can offer! 

Thanks everyone :)


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