Alesha Ahdar


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We are now at a time where, as New Zealanders, we are becoming more and more aware of the cultural, sexual and gender diversity of our population. As such, there has never been a more relevant time to shine a light on the LGBTQIA+ Polynesian community and their own experiences.

Specifically, in My Kuia, cast members will be given the space to openly and honestly reflect on their own unique relationships with their grandmothers as Takataapui/Queer/Gender Diverse people.

For My Kuia, the studio space at the Basement Theatre will be transformed into a wharenui, or traditional Maori meeting house, in which our interactive performance will take place. This piece is bringing individual artists from around the country (as far as Wellington and Queenstown), and incorporates multiple disciplines of story-telling in order to share these intimate stories of love, acceptance and rejection.

In order to stage this piece, we are seeking financial support to cover the expenses of our show: travel costs, production costs, set build, and rehearsal space. Anything that you are able to give us will be hugely appreciated.

About Breaking Boundaries: Breaking Boundaries [BRKBND] is a grassroots non-profit creative organisation for queer, transgender, intersex, and questioning people in New Zealand. We recognise the creative arts as a significant tool in our communities at both the personal and societal levels - providing a medium for creative expression and self-exploration, fostering wellbeing, and acting as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness, challenging discrimination, tackling stigma, and the inequalities associated with marginalised identities.

Nga mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa.