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My Dog Ajax introduces us to two friends taking an innovative approach to kea conservation in the hopes that together they can make a real difference in the fight for kea survival.

Corey Mosen is one of only a handful of kea conservationists in New Zealand, covering from Mount Aspiring near Wanaka all the way to the top of the South Island, looking for kea.

But he doesn't do it alone. His dog Ajax is the only kea conservation dog in the world, accompanying him into unchartered and remote parts of New Zealand, sometimes travelling for days without finding a single nest. Through these long and tough journeys, Corey and Ajax rely on each other for companionship and support.

But why do they do it? Because the kea population is declining. The Department of Conservation estimates numbers of the native bird could be as low as 1,000, mostly due to stoats and possums attacking and killing eggs and chicks.

Our film takes you into the field with Corey and Ajax as they search for the kea nests and carry out their valuable research.

We are so excited to have been selected to make My Dog Ajax with the generous support of the Loading Docs initiative, along with principal partner NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, and Te Māngai Pāho.

Loading Docs will provide us with $4000, as well as support to make this documentary the best it can be - but only if If we can reach our $2000 funding target. If we are able to raise our stretch target of $8000 we will be able to get to other locations so this story can be even better and support our native birdlife conservation efforts more!

Thank you for taking the time to review our project - every donation counts so we really appreciate your support. 


Michael Weatherall (Director) has long wanted to tell the NZ kea conservation story, having assisted international crews filming the South Island, and helping with the kea kites initiative.  He is looking forward to flexing his years of film making experience in this project.

Cecilia Shand (Producer) by day helps NZ companies grow bigger, better, faster, and by night is a fashion designer, radio DJ, keyboardist, and small time tech entrepreneur. She loves helping artists produce beautiful things that show the mana of their creator.


  • "Ajax the kea conservation dog" is now LIVE!


    We are pleased as punch to announce our wee film is finally available for you to view at loadingdocs.net/ajax-the-kea-conservation-dog/ !!

    And it's all down to your support that we were able to make it such a special film. So watch, share and remember - you helped make it happen!

    Massive props to all the crew in pre, production and post!

    Kia ora rawa atu

    Cecilia and Michael, Ajax and Corey

    "Ajax the kea conservation dog" is now LIVE!
  • WE MADE IT!!


    Hello everyone!

    What a month it's been and thank you all so much for your support! We are overwhelmed by the generous donations of our friends and family, colleagues, and those further afield who are lovers of kea and New Zealand!

    A big thank you for those from NZTE and Weta who had to put up coffee break promos around the watercooler.

    We can't wait to get down there and start filming and will keep you updated as we go. The film will come out in the second half of this year, so watch this space!

    Peace, love, dogs and birds

    Michael and Cecilia

    WE MADE IT!!
  • 10 days to go and new additions!


    Hi all,

    With 10 days to go in our campaign we would like to thank everyone so far! 

    We also have an update - we may be able to film some very special baby feathered characters - but they are in such a precarious part of the countryside we will have to helicopter to get to them!

    These new additions are welcome, but helicopters don't come cheaply.  So we are going out to our friends, family, and fans of the kea to ask you to share the word on our project so we can get to those baby kea!!

    It's your support that will make this a reality!

    Cecilia and Michael :)

  • 200%!!!!


    At 5.28am this morning we clicked over $4000 in donations for our special project. We are so over the moon with the amazing support we have received from 84 donors (!!!) and everyone else that supported us by sharing or talking about this project. Thank you one and all!!

    Every donation goes towards us having better access to talent and facilities to make this project better and better. So this is on tracking to be an amazing film.

    We are still chasing our stretch goal of $8000 - but appreciate how amazingly supportive our friends, family and the wider conservation community have been in getting us to this point.

    Peace, love, dogs, and birds!!

    Michael and Cecilia



    Wow everyone!

    We collapsed in exhaustion and elation last night, overwhelmed with all the support we have received over the first four days of our boosted campaign.

    One unexpectedly enjoyable part of the process has been the comments donors have left us. Some of our favourites so far have been:

    "My very first of many hikes during my year in NZ was up to Avalanche Peak in Arthur's Pass. We started at 4am so we could get to the top for sunrise. Halfway through (a rather arduous tramp) I spotted a Kia in the dark. The same Kia reappeared many times throughout my hike.. guiding me to the top to an epic sunrise. While I learned about many birds during my studies in NZ, none had quite the lasting impression as that first Kia at sunrise."

    What a beautiful memory!

    "We are delighted to offer some support to Nestor notabilis, "the clown of the mountains". The kea is definitely one of our favourite, if not our absolute favourite alpine parrot and should never be confused with the homophonous Korean car manufacturer, Kia. We love the Kea for many reasons - not least because it may lead a polygynous lifestyle, with one male attached to multiple females. As you know, the kea featured on the reverse side of the New Zealand $10 note between 1967 and 1992, when it was replaced with the whio. This is a black mark in NZ history and we trust that 'My Dog Ajax' will shine a much-deserved spotlight on this cheeky fellow and create heightened awareness of the majestic Kea. Good on ya and good luck guys! Catherine and Rob"

    A history lesson for us all! And lastly:

    "Two requests. 1) Please reinact the cine from the Revainant with Corey getting attacked by a bear or molested by Bigfoot. 2) please name the film "who kea's""


    Unfortunately - we won't be doing any of the last two - but we will be making this amazing documentary with your support - thank you all!

    Kia kaha

    Cecilia and Michael

  • Thank you for supporting our project and kea conservation!


    Hi everyone,

    We have made the first hurdle and secured our place in the Loading Docs programme. Thank you so much for your support on this amazing journey!

    Our stretch goal for this project is $8000, and this will help us get in at least two more trips to see Corey and Ajax, another camera person, and a couple of helicopter rides to really amp up our footage.

    We are so humbled by everyone’s support to our project and supporting this amazing endangered New Zealand bird (the only mountain parrot in the world)!

    Kia Kaha

    Cecilia and Michael

    Thank you for supporting our project and kea conservation!

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