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My Breakup with God

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A devoted Christian turns her back on the Church to pursue a path of sexual enlightenment and love through Tantra.

Caitlyn was raised in a conservative Christian household. As a teenager, she began to question everything she knew about herself. She had desires that felt both exhilarating and dangerous. She wanted to break free from the rules that had been ingrained in her about what she could do with her body, with whom and how. She wanted experiences and freedom.

But freedom came at a cost. When she turned her back on God she became isolated. Caitlyn struggled with mental illness and disordered eating as she tried to find her sense of self.

Then one day she discovered Tantra, and so began her pursuit of sexual enlightenment and healing. She found self-love, her inner power and "life force". Tantra and Mindful Sexuality have become her profession and her mission is to enable people to find their own confidence, freedom and love.

Caitlyn's story pushes the boundaries of how we perceive and explore our own sexuality, challenging everyday people to shed their inhibitions. She emboldens individuals to discover self-love, inner power and freedom through her teachings. Caitlyn is refreshingly unconventional and isn't afraid to step to the beat of her own drum. Society needs more people like this!


Our short has been selected to be made as part of the Loading Docs initiative. Along with principal funder NZ On Air and with support from the New Zealand Film Commission and Te Māngai Pāho, they want to see the film get made just as much as we do. Loading Docs will provide an additional $5,500 and cover post-production costs, but only as long as we reach our funding goal of $2,500 as of part of the development process. We need your help!

We're incredibly grateful to Loading Docs and to Caitlyn for enabling us to tell this story. Your funds will help pay for Production costs including crew, equipment, music and editing. To do justice to this opportunity we have a stretch goal of raising a $8000 through this Boosted campaign. This additional funding will enable us to fly our cameras and crew to a North Island location where Caitlyn is holding a workshop as part of a unique festival. This will allow us to really showcase the unconventional and honest experience that Caitlyn offers through her teaching.

All contributions will help. That's the great thing about crowdfunding… everything counts! You can help us reach our target by donating and sharing this with your friends.

Thank you for all of your support!! We can't wait to share this project with you.


Zoe McIntosh - Director

Zoe's work thrives on finding unique characters and unearthing the stories that live inside. When it comes to hunting down unique characters for film and commercial work, she's in her element unveiling these best kept stories. Her genuine love of people and her background in documentary gives her work an authenticity, depth and nuance.

Graduating from Ilam School of Fine Arts, Zoe entered the industry with her international acclaimed feature length documentary Lost in Wonderland. She went on to write and direct her first dramatic short film 'Day Trip', which won awards at Clermont Ferrand, Montreal and Mexico. Her most recent short film The World in Your Window is a heartwarming tale of grief, family and circumstance and was awarded the prestigious Jury Prize at the 2017 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, and won Best International Short Film at; Melbourne, Flicker Fest, Short Shorts Asia, Tahiti Film Festival and Vancouver Women in Film International Film Festival. It is now Oscar accredited for 2019.

She has represented New Zealand at the Berlinale Talent Campus, Melbourne's prestigious Accelerator program and has received a host of awards for her directing, winning best director at Show me Shorts and a finalist for the South Pacific Pictures Award, for Achievement in Film, 2018.

Frith Armstrong - Producer

Frith is a Producer from Wellington, New Zealand. Currently residing in Auckland, she's spent the last 5 years carving out a career in the film industry. She's worked in production across a range of large scale feature films including 'Ghost in the Shell', and the upcoming Disney Live-action film 'Mulan'.

Loading Docs is an exciting initiative for Frith at the beginning of her producing career - to gain experience working at a more intimate scale with documentary shorts, and to work alongside a wonderful creative female mind like Zoe!


  • Thank you!


    We are extremely happy to have reached our initial goal in just a few days. THANK YOU!

    But we're not done yet. This first goal of $2,500 ensures that our film will receive funding from Loading Docs, however, we have a stretch goal of an additional $6,000 to cover production costs including editing and music composing so that we can make this film the best that it can be!

    Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far. And to anyone thinking of donating: any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you to all of our friends and supporters!

    Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes on our first shoot day...

    Thank you!

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