Peyton Morete

Music Workshop in Sweden

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Hi! I'm a 14-year old New Zealand singer songwriter. I've been given an amazing opportunity to grow, explore, and move to the next level in my music career, but I need your help to make it happen!

I've been writing and performing my own songs for five years, and I've won Smokefree RockQuest Manawatu for the last three years. Now I'm at college, and opportunities have opened up with an amazing experience available to me next year.

I have been invited to travel with my school choir to Italy and perform. We will carry on to Norkopping in Sweden, to attend a music and choir workshop at an amazing school where 50% of the curriculum is the arts.

The chance to attend these events will be life changing for me and my music. It will open doors, I'll make new connections, and achieve new goals and dreams.

We are being billeted, which is helping to keep costs down, but I really need your help to cover the airfare and transport costs. Reaching my target of $1000 would be a great start, and $2000 would be a massive help. Thanks for your support!

Haven't heard me? Watch me performing my song Sucker for Light:


  • Thanks for the support


    Well only three hours left and only at 4% of my target. Kind of sad but hey it was worth a shot and the lovely two donors who wanted to help I really appreciate. As I won't be reaching my target the donations are not activated so I appreciate the offer and generosity of you two! This is not the end I will just have to go to plan B.



    Just heard a song I wrote for a national songwriting competition I was a runner up! Over 100 entries and my song nearly won. Pretty good as the song was written before I saw the crtieria and what to write the song about.

  • Music is my life


    As long as I can remember I have loved music...writing, singing, composing, performing. It is all I have ever wanted to do. I miss out on things with friends or other things because of my music but that's ok, because as far as I think it is not missing out at all. It's funny how people can be quite unkind if you are putting yourself out there performing whereas with sport, people are a lot more supportive. I have haters, frenemies and those trying to crush my dreams. I also have amazing people starting with my parents who believe in me and tell me to reach for the stars.

  • My thought of the day


    Music is life. That is all I wish to say... And no, I do not mean just listening. I mean playing, feeling, creating <3



    Hi, thanks so much for the donations so far. I really appreciate every cent. Even if you aren’t able to donate anything at the moment please share share share.
    So as you know my school is offering a trip to Sweden to selected students for music. I was lucky enough to have been chosen for my singing and the instrument aspect of it. We will be going next year for 2 weeks and while we are over there, we will be competing in this world wide singing competition for the choir in Verona Italy. I will meet other kids and people who are into music as much as I am and will see the sights of a whole new country. After that we fly to Sweden to attend the Music and Film school and take part in performances and workshops. I feel this is such a great opportunity for myself and my music. I will be able to get tips and get new ideas for different sides of the music business. Also seeing a whole new country is an amazing chance to be given at my age.
    I really can't wait and I'm so excited to go!


  • Where in Sweden?


    Film and Music School - "Film & Musik Gymnasiet" in Norrkoping, Sweden. Did you know 50% of their curriculum is the arts! Wow how cool is that. Another fact...what is the biggest export of!

  • Jamming to my latest song yesterday at school that I have just written