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Creating art is one of humanity's greatest acts of vulnerability. Expressing yourself freely, with your whole heart, is a leap of faith that carries no guarantee of positive reception, let alone thanks.

Moved will be a platform for thanking the artists - the writers, musicians, painters, dancers, designers, poets, photographers, composers, actors, sculptors, street artists, directors - whose work has been instrumental in our lives.

We all have a song, album, film or quote that we have had on repeat across our lives. The piece that gives us the tingles. We want to interview average New Zealanders, and famous faces, and have them thank the artists who have moved them.

It is a gratitude project expressed through a short film / web series, a book, an exhibition, a podcast and a community website.

This is for the artists who have made us weep with laughter, joy and sadness; whose work has touched us and who, unwittingly, are part of our souls. Living or dead, they deserve to be recognised.