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'Family first' is a key value that Kinetic Wayfinding centre's their work around with the aim to increasing wellbeing in the community, enabling young people to share their individual voices through performance.
Kinetic Wayfinding is a family based theatre company founded by Heto Ah Hi and Leilani Clarke who both have a passion for community growth, creativity and wellbeing with particular focus on our urban Pasifika youth.
'Having lost our youngest daughter to suicide 3 years ago our purpose is to increase suicide awareness and prevention in our communities. Just knowing that among our Pasifika youth the leading cause of death is suicide we have taken a strengths based approach to connect with our youth by using theatre to share stories of hope, resiliency, family, and strength'.
Our project titled MOVE is a physical theatre play that explores the complexity of youth emotion told through the story of two siblings Lupe and Mark. Using original dance, music, acting and multimedia Lupe and Mark's stories are shared by performers ranging from 14 - 24 years. It is through working with these young performers in a nurturing family environment that we are afforded the opportunity to witness the unheard and unseen Pasifika youth voice.
Your donation will cover costs of time needed to make sure the production is at the highest possible quality come opening night.  It will also cover costumes and the hirage of a 4k camera and projector for the rotoscope videos used in the production.  Original music will be composed and performed live and pre-recorded for the production and the video below is of Sisi Patea with the main song. She will be composing 4 more songs to be used in MOVE. Your donation will help get Sisi recording time with professional musicians so that the final musical product is of a professional quality.





    During our rehearsals we discovered that our youngest cast member was recently a victim of bullying at school. Wanting to make a change, Sisi Patea decided to share her story through an original song that she wrote for our new show MOVE.

    The lyrics of her song speak volumes in regards to her journey of strength.

    With the permission of both Sisi and her mum Tina Patea we have released the following video of one of our rehearsals to send a message of hope to others who may be experiencing bullying.

    Thank you Sisi for your courage xox

    Song title: MOVE
    Composed by: Sisi Patea
    Duet: Sisi Patea and Valentino Maliko

    If you are a victim of bullying know there is help out there for you. Reach out and talk to someone you trust or call Youthline on 0800 376633.


  • Hello from us to you with MUCH THANKS!


    A mid-campaign video.  Just over 2 weeks to go and we're very thankful to those that have given so generously but we still have a ways to go.  The team is working hard and we're sharing rehearsal process works in progress. 

    #BOOST2MOVE A movement based theatre production aimed suicide prevention and awareness.

  • Expression through movement


    Donate to keep Jennifer moving! For someone that didn't think of herself as a dancer she's doing a beautiful job of learning/trusting her expression through movement.

    Donate to help us get the technical aspects of the show on par with the performers. Our cast are working hard to create a magical story with heartfelt and very moving performances. Get us to opening night on 16th of April (4weeks away) at Te Oro theatre with the show we envisage by donating.  


  • Day 1 of rehearsal - Good Vibes!


    We're feeling good vibrations from your donations! Thank you for your support. Spread the word #Boost2Move 



    Day 1 of rehearsal - Good Vibes!
  • #Boost2Move


    Be our champions by being part of helping our play MOVE soar to new heights! Every donation big or small helps us leap higher and higher! (cheesy but true...closer to that ceiling of 4k, that's for sure)

    Thank you very much to those that have donated and helped us get to a flying start!

    Fakafetai lahi lele, fa'afetai tele lava, malo 'aupito, meitaki, thank you!


    Photo from our first workshop in December last year.