Holly Newsome

Missing Lids

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It's one of those things that when it's presented in front of you, you don't exactly pick it up, it's something in passing like an advert, an image, a way of living - but when you see it you'll appreciate it and maybe even laugh.

Three female contemporary dancers don't mess around with the idea of dance. A delivery of some sort. A delivery of a highly skilled, highly physical full length contemporary dance/theatre work created by Holly Newsome (Discotheque).

With the help of DANZ, and Wellesley Studios in Auckland, who have recently awarded Holly the 2018 summer residency, she will create the full length work Missing Lids that will be performed at the Basement Theatre in Auckland from the 6th-10th of March 2018. Tickets are already on sale at https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2018/mar/missing-lids

As a young, solo working artist it is extremely hard to get together everything you need to put on a professional show. With other elements coming together thanks to the Wellesely Studios Summer Residency and the Basement Theatre, we are looking for one more thing...
We need help to pay these talented dancers. 
With the goal of reaching $3,000NZD we hope to fullfill full employment of the three dancers in the work so they can comfortably work in Auckland.

Tiana Lung, Issy Estrella and Jess Newman are all graduates of the New Zealand School of Dance and hold exceptional talent in the industry. Without these artists we have no show, which is why every $ you donate will help keep these dancers dancing. Video of the three dancers from previous work Incognito https://vimeo.com/203378039
ANY AMOUNT COUNTS! Help boost us!



Website: www.dtqdance.com

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Instagram: @dtqdance