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This is a great chance to invest in what will undoubtedly become an iconic piece of kiwi comedy television.

We're on a mission to create a pilot episode for a television / online series entitled "Milton the Monster Hunter", a comedy New Zealand X-Files meets Dr. Who, where the hero and heroine travel across Aotearoa uncovering malicious, or just plain weird, supernatural happenings that have been swept under the rug by malicious and overly-bureaucratic DEC - Department of Environmental Concerns.

Once we have created this kick-ass, hilarious pilot episode we will be in a strong position to approach larger funders to financially back future episodes in the series.

The script for the pilot episode has been written. The cast and crew have been gathered. Shoot dates have been set. Noise and Pictures has already purchased filming equipment, lights, sound equipment, superfast computers and CG software...and are almost finished with location scouting. We managed to achieve all of this with the prize money from our short film "Brains" (, which won the first place national prize at the 48hour Film Festival, and "Rubble" (, the 2014 national runner up in the same competition.

Cast and crew will share in any profit that we attract for this series in the future. So the equipment is there, the team is assembled, all the ducks are in a row.

BUT...we still need money for the simple things that will put our directors, designers and actors out of pocket and into the poor house. Things like props, costumes, gasoline, and food.

Let me take a moment to excite you even more about the project - here is the synopsis for the pilot episode:

Milton is a lowly analyst at the Department of Environmental Concerns. He stumbles upon some evidence that NordOil is conducting illegal exploration off the coast of Wellington, which is disturbing an age-old sea creature (potentially a Taniwha!) which is wreaking havoc on the coastal communities as a result. Milton's evil boss at DEC, Kim, tries to cover this up, but Milton, with the help of his co-worker, Penelope, infiltrates the DEC's secret classified archives and discover that Kim is in NordOil's pocket and they plan on destroying the endangered monster. Penelope and Milton must foil the plans of NordOil and save the sea creature.

So, once this pilot is made, and we garner the big money from corporate fat cat funders, you'll see Penelope and Milton travel around New Zealand uncovering ever-stranger goings-on covered up by DEC: Sulphur Goblins in Rotorua; Ghost Moa in Te Anau; Dream Infiltrating Kea in Mount Cook. The possibilities are endless.

If you'd like to see a freakin' awesome New Zealand-based supernatural comedy series hit your computers and television screens in the near future, throw some cash behind it!

And! if you'd like to be an extra, or help out in some other way on the project, (apart from financially) get in touch!



  • First 3 Day of Shooting!


    The first three days of filming have been intense, but super rewarding. The gods have been kind to us with weather, and the shots are looking primo!

    Day 1 - The team worked late into the night at our Department of Environmental Concerns office location, in an Earth sciences building that has given us free use of their building. The only condition: we can't tell you where it is, so that will forever remain a mystery. These shots included Milton discovering NordiCrude's illegal oil exploration in the marine reserve, and deciding to take action.

    Day 2 - A beautiful sunny day at Island Bay. With a crew of 12, 4 actors and 12 extras, we filmed our heroes, Milton and Penelope, warning people on the beach about the disturbed sea creature. The crowd took no notice, to their great chagrin. On this day we also filmed a heart-rending opening sequence with an old man. I won't spoil this for you with the details.

    Day 3 - Holy! This was a pretty exciting day. Really high budget productions use actual boats out on the water. Medium budget productions use boats inside in front of a green screen. REALLY low budget productions (like ours) revert back to boats on the water...And it was the perfect day for it. Calm seas out at Island Bay for our shoot boat and hero boat, and we got all the shots we needed before the massive Southerly came rushing in.

    Check out photos here:

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:


    First 3 Day of Shooting!