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Memory Foam - Film

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A short film from award winning filmmaker Paloma Schneideman and supported by the New Zealand Film Commission. When love moves to the margins, what keeps people together?

The Film

Annette and Martin move around a furniture store on the hunt for a new marital bed, however, it becomes more and more apparent that their bed may not be the only thing they've outgrown.

Memory Foam is an observational, slice of life short film that is so much about the words unsaid. Using the bed as a metaphor for their relationship, Annette notices flaws that Martin does not. Where Martin sees novelty and the opportunity for renewed intimacy, Annette sees unnecessary expenditure and commitment. Ultimately, it appears they make a happy compromise, but we know this is a sham - the audience, like God, witnesses the truths our protagonists' fail to acknowledge.

Told through the female gaze and underlined with humour and sentimental low points, Memory Foam asks; when love moves to the margins, what keeps people together?


What is more universal than love - other than maybe the loss of love?

We really believe this film needs to see light, because at its heart, it is so human. Equally comforting as it is challenging, this story will at the least make you reflect, maybe tug a heartstring or two? There are some awesome people who believe in our vision too - In 2015 the script was selected to be work shopped through Script To Screen's short film lab and in 2017 the NZ Film Commission invested into the work through their Fresh Shorts funding incentive.

Finally, Wikipedia tells us, of the top 250 grossing films, women comprised 7% of directors. Women accounted for 13% of writers. Women represented 17% of executive producers, 24% producers, 17% editors, 5% cinematographers.. and so on. Those aren't great statistics… so we have made it a priority to crew as many strong and talented women as possible (of course, some wonderful lads too), but we are passionate about diversifying the industry, from the people who work in it - to the stories being told. Your support can make a direct impact on this representation.

The Team

And on the note of the team - holy smoke it's a good one.

Memory Foam is comprised of award winners and emerging talent - both on screen and behind the scenes. Paloma Schneideman (writer/director) Elsie Grant (producer), and Chia Hsu (editor) went through film school together and are frequent collaborators. Collectively, they've had work screen at ImagineNATIVE Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, NZIFF, Wairoa Maori Film Festival, and many more. Their grad film Mine went on to win 'Best Short' at the Asian mico film festival, and was shortlisted for NZIFF's Best Short Film in 2015.

Cinematographer Ryan Alexander Lloyd has won a bunch of awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society (amongst others) and in 2013 was selected for Berlinale Talents. NZ born but Melbourne based, Ryan is coming back to Aotearoa especially to shoot this bad boy. Fellow Berlinale Talent selectee Jane Bucknell is overseeing production design and with her credits including The Breaker Upperers, Deathgasm and Super City, we know she's going to bring a lot to the table. Can't forget Hayley Caudwell holding down costume, and James Watson being a general legend. 

Last but not least - our cast is a force to be reckoned with, as Alison Bruce and Andrew Foster lead the performances, with Saraid Cameron and Arlo Gibson as supporting cast. These guys are at the forefront of NZ screen and theatre, and if we listed their skills and accolades, we'd blow Boosted's word count out of whack. Watch this space for team updates and bios.


There are so many ways you can support the making of this film, be it pledging a donation, sharing our campaign with your friends and family, or just sending us good vibes. The first two are slightly more effective, but up to you! As practitioners of the arts, we rely on the spirit of collaboration and generosity of its supporters, and we encourage you to be part of something really exciting. Join us.