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MEAT at Melbourne Fringe

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"MEAT confronts topics that others necessarily wouldn't and that's what makes it so engaging. It challenges the norm which is exactly what needs to be done in dance. It will make you feel something, whether that be anger, sadness, laughter or just darn right confusion." Danz, Lauren Sanderson, 2018

MEAT is a contemporary dance work in collaboration with DANCE PLANT Collective, which unwraps the meat industry and explores its social and environmental implications.

MEAT offers an immersive and penetrating dive into the unsettling psychology of consumption; what are you consuming and what consumes you?

MEAT is a Dance and Physical Theatre work choreographed by Tui Hofmann in collaboration with DANCE PLANT Collective. Dance Plant was first established in 2016 by a group of 6 Auckland-based, contemporary dance artists. Hofmann has worked closely with Alex Zielinski (Sonic Artist) from Poland, who came to New Zealand specifically to collaborate on this project and Lisa McEwan who has designed the costumes.

Following our sold out season in Auckland, DANCE PLANT Collective are taking MEAT to the Melbourne Fringe Festival this September.

We are crowdfunding for this event to be able to pay for our venue in Melbourne, as well as our technical lighting and sound equipment. We want to thank you for the huge support that MEAT has had so far, and we are so excited to share our work with the Melbourne community. 

Choreographed by: Tui Hofmann
Performed by: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Natasha Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Rosie Tapsell
Sound Design: Alexander Zielinski


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