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McCahon House Revisited

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With your support we can continue to inspire a new generation of artists with the heritage of Colin McCahon, New Zealand's foremost 20th Century painter.

This summer we want to make our resources more accessible to a broader segment of the community. This includes initiatives for our deaf community.

We will transcribe the interpretive displays and  offer them as a printed supplement to our deaf community.

We will also upgrade the educational resources on our website for teachers planning for next year.


This is a re-listing of the previous Boosted Project A Landscape with too Few Lovers


  • Looking Good!


    Thank you all for contributing to this project. 

    We will now be able to upgrade some of our educational resources. 

    The project is still open until midnight tonight, so if you know of anyone who wanted to participate please let them know.




  • Reached our Target


    Hooray!!   With your help we have reached our target.  Thank you to to everyone who has contributed to this project.  If you would like to continue to get updates on what we are up to, please 'like' our facebook page and sign up to get our monthly newsletter.

    Our next event is this Sunday 10 November, 6-8pm.  We welcome Tiffany Singh to the McCahon Studio, as she begins her 3 month residency.

    We hope to see you there!