Bernie Harfleet & Donna Turtle Sarten

Max & Bella & Friends

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'Max and Bella and Friends' is a sculptural installation by Bernie Harfleet and Donna Turtle Sarten.

It will be included in this years 'New Zealand Sculpture on Shore', which raises money for NZ Women's Refuge.
'Max and Bella and Friends' looks at mental health, and in particular depression and anxiety disorders in New Zealand.

Health and support agencies agree that talking about mental health and asking for or offering help are positive ways forward. 'Bella and Max and Friends' gives a visual experience to the viewer of a part of the community that is not talked about enough.

This work is made up of 10,000 windmills,  which represents five percent (5%) of New Zealand adults who have experienced psychological distress in the last month'. The windmill serves as an analogy for the mind, having both times of stillness and of kinetic action.

To bring this sculpture to life we invite you to join us. Donations large or small bring us closer to realising this important reflection on mental health in New Zealand. Please donate and share this far and wide. Your endorsement means a lot. 


Bernie Harfleet and Donna Turtle Sarten are two New Zealand artists both well known for their social/political art practises. Over the last few years they have worked collabratively on a number of projects that not only have a visual aspect, but also include direct activation and interaction with communities. Their topics have included domestic abuse, the aged, child poverty and homelessness.


  • THE CLOCK IS COUNTING DOWN. 37 hours to go. Here are a couple of links to give you a bit more detail on us and our motivation.


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  • 5 DAYS to go. Thanks o all those wonderful people who have donated, shared or both. We are sitting at 29%. Please keep getting the link out there and help make this happen.


  • 21 days gone, 19 to go


    A huge thank you to all those that have made a donation and shared the campaign with their networks. We are just past half way and with 19 days to go are doing whatever we can to get the word out there. Please keep sharing and consider making a donation. 

    Here is a link to Burgseyephotos blog on us. A good way to get to know us a bit more.…/04/change-agents.html