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The Exhibition

Aspiring curator Kendall Cashmore, is looking to put together her first show. After studying Art History at Victoria University and completing a course in Curating at the Sotheby's Institute of Art, Kendall is wanting to utilise the skills she has acquired throughout her studies, culminating in the opening of her first exhibition; Materialised.

Through this exhibition Kendall aims to promote a young, emerging group of artists and give them a platform to display their work, while creating a fun and exciting environment to encourage people to engage with contemporary New Zealand art. This exhibition will focus on emerging artists from New Zealand, looking to gain notoriety and launch themselves into the public eye. Materialised will be on view from 13 June - 2 July at Railway St. Studios, Newmarket, Auckland.


The Artists

Materialised examines the artist during a formative stage at the beginning of their careers and brings together the work of two emerging contemporary artists from New Zealand whom the curator admires; Euan Lockie and Brogan Scott. Brogan and Euan have recently completed degrees in Fine Arts and have begun to hone and define their practice after an experimental phase of exploration. As multidisciplinary artists they are always seeking new forms of expression, aiming to challenge conventional and established artforms.

Euan Lockie works within the fields of painting and sculpture, sourcing imagery from popular youth culture and street style in an attempt to question notions of high and low art. Most recently Lockie was selected to produce a sculpture for Sculpture on the Gulf, an interactive and stimulating sculptural exhibit featuring 28 prominent artists works displayed along the coastline on Waiheke Island. He will be creating a series of miniature sculptures relating to his work from Sculpture on the Gulf.

Brogan Scott's work is driven by the desire to explore the relationship between people and everyday articles, and our constant need to fill and decorate an empty space with objects, coupled with our innate obligation to find functionality and purpose in every piece. Brogan works with acrylics, building up layers of different coloured paint on top of each other in hand made paint baths. She then exposes these layers by carving into them, playing with the idea of taking away layers to expose what's underneath.


The Goal

The aim is to raise $1000 to cover the costs of the exhibition. The money will go towards the use of the gallery space for the duration of the show, printing of exhibition flyers and catalogues, refreshments and food for the opening, as well as marketing costs.

Every donation goes towards ensuring that this exhibition takes place, so please help us reach our goal!

Beyond this exhibition, Kendall aims to support and promote young New Zealand artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity to showcase their work at an established gallery.