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Mass Cuba Street Orchestra

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Murray Hickman, Strike Percussion, and Adam Page, multi-instumentalist and composer extraordinaire, combine musical forces to create the Mass Cuba Street Orchestra especially for CubaDupa.

The Orchestra will feature over 50 musicians from Strike, The Balkanistas (pictured above), Niko Ne Zna, Richter City Rebels and a brass band.

The MCSO will perform music specially composed to be played in various street locations through the Cuba precinct, as separate movements, and culminating in a grand interactive finale.

In the words of Murray and Adam, "it's a little bit of Wellington BBQ reggae, happy dubstep with brass, neo-classical, Balkan, New Orleans, funky, Polynesian."

It will simply be extraordinary!

Help us do the CubaDupa!

CubaDupa will be a world-class street festival, which builds on the spirit and talent of Wellington and draws on the best international street festivals.  It will be held annually in Wellington, premiering Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 March 2015.

The new Cuba Street festival, CubaDupa, is a celebration of the creative heart of Wellington.  The Cuba street precinct will become a vibrant pedestrianised playground of music, dance, arts and street food.

In creating a totally unique and family friendly urban environment and entertainment programme Drew James, the Artistic Director of CubaDupa has identified seven diverse projects that will deliver an extraordinary experience for audiences and participants.

These are Urban Rhapsodies aerial opera, Mass Cuba Street Orchestra, The Beop band of the future, Carnival Zone with Wellington Batucada, Cuba Surveyors historical street theatre, Java Dance's Sneak Peek in shop windows, and CubaKaleidoscope by the Tarrant Dance Studio. All of these projects will be commissioned with the help of Boosted donations and performed free for audiences on the streets.


  • Thanks everyone!


    Thank you for donating to the Mass Cuba St Orchestra and helping us be part of CubaDupa, March 2015. On behalf of Strike, Niko Ne Zna, The Balkanistas and Richter City Rebels we all greatly appreciate your support and vote of confidence. We're also grateful to the support shown by Westpac in matching all the donations dollar for dollar.

    Thank you from us all!

  • 4 bands and over 80 musicians = Mass Cuba St Orchestra


    The Mass Cuba Street Orchestra will include the musicians from Strike, The Balkanistas, Niko Ne Zna and Richter City Rebels. Adam Page and Murray Hickman have come up with the catchy tune used on the CubaDupa boosted videos. They are expanding this as part of their new composition for the Mass Cuba Street Orchestra. With over 80 musicians, we have had to redesign the staging to fit them all on. It will be simply awesome.

    Wellington is one of the world’s greatest festival cities, full of riches, talent, history and good times. Cuba Street is our festival playground, and CubaDupa is the ultimate celebration. There is a bit of Cuba Street in all Wellingtonians. The street holds a place in our hearts and minds.

    We are on a mission to write another chapter into our history and you are part of it. You are CupaDupa, after all the Festival is nothing without you. But you don't have to wait, you can do the CupaDupa right now by supporting one of our Boosted projects. These Boosted projects have been specially created with some of our most brilliant and innovative Wellington artists. With theatre, dance, opera and music they celebrate what is so great about our Cuba Street.

    Thanks to those that already have donated. Tell your friends to donate and then join you at the Festival that we are creating together.

    Drew James, Director


Cuba Dupa

Celebrate the change of season. A transformation from the last moments of summer to the first days of winter. CubaDupa brings all walks of life in an immersive experience to ‘get on up’ during the day or ‘get on down’ in the evening.

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Other Projects by Cuba Dupa

Image for The Urban Rhapsodies

Cuba Dupa

Opera takes to the balconies and hidden byways of Cuba Street. Opera takes to the balconies and hidden byways of Cuba Street. Diva's descend from stratospheric heights, dangle from above or be encountered up close and personal in a series of operatic outbursts celebrating La Vie de Boheme that is The Street. Opera director and choreographer Sara Brodie will create short vignettes of opera staged on and off the buildings in the Cuba Street area.

Image for Cuba Kaleidoscope

Cuba Dupa

A film/installation/dance event celebrating 100 years of dance in Cuba Street, with students from Tarrant Dance Studio. A Kaleidoscope of Colours will clothe the trees and dancers will bring a range of dance moves to the CubaDupa spaces- at night a film installation will light up the building as Tarrant Dance Studio celebrates a classical time line of 100 years of talent treading to the top of the stairs at 125 Cuba St to 'love dancing'!