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Martinborough Community Choir

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The Martinborough Community Choir is the only community a cappella choir in the South Wairarapa, and had its first rehearsal towards the end of 2012. We sing songs from many countries and different musical genres. Choir practice is held every Tuesday eve throughout the year, apart from a break for our summer holiday.

The choir's first community choral concert was in December of 2013. Since then we have sung several times at public events in and around Martinborough, including the Wairarapa Vocal Spectacular 2013, the Olive Harvest Festival Night Market, at Wharekaka - our local rest home, at the Jazz In Martinborough Festival 2014, and now we're planning for our December 2014 concert.

Attendance at choir has continued to grow since we began, and we are now looking for a bigger venue (bigger than this choir leader's living-room), which we will need to hire. Our costs for annual - or twice yearly - workshops by visiting choral experts, for our sheet music, learning tools and stationery are all increasing as our numbers increase.

In order to keep choir affordable, so that everyone and anyone is welcome and able to join, we are looking for some funding.  This would also enable us to put on a great end-of-year concert for the local community in December of this year, with free admission (with optional koha), so everyone would be able to attend.

The choir is gradually becoming an important part of Martinborough's cultural life, and we're hoping it will continue to grow and improve for many years to come, as we all know that community singing is good for the soul!


  • Fantastic!!! :)


    How wonderful to come home to the great news that our goal has been reached! Huge thanks to the team at Boosted, and to all the wonderful people who've donated.

    We now have the means to really develop our knowledge of choral singing - with great learning workshops, and our repertoire (sheet music, etc), and practice in a bigger space! 

    Boosted has certainly given us an amazing boost. Hooray :)

  • Martinborough Community Choir - almost there :)


    Thanks so very much to all the loyal supporters of our choir project who have managed to overcome the teething problems with Boosted's new website changes in the past 24 hours. Your help in giving the choir a secure future is hugely appreciated!! And I think we can get there :) 

  • Martinborough Community Choir -only 3 (almost 2) days to go!!


    Dear supporters, thank you SO much for your donations to our choir funding project.

    I really believe that every community needs a choir, and I think it's important for the choir to be accessible to everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of it. Group singing brings people together in a very nice way - it's good for our health, and makes us happy!

    Our choir attendance is growing steadily, and we've almost outgrown our current free rehearsal space. It will be fantastic if we're able to have the means to regularly hire a bigger space, and pay for music, etc, and most importantly, to organise workshops with great choir leaders a couple of times a year for our choir members, and the local community (prospective choir members....).

    As we are an unauditioned amateur choir, we want to keep our concerts free for now, with optional koha.

    I'm hopeful that we can reach our goal -we have a whole 48 hours left I think!

    Thank you.

    Victoria  :)