Logan Marshall

Manifest - Short Film

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A short proof of concept horror film based on a popular urban legend.


'Manifest' follows an elderly blind woman alone during a storm. Terrified of the night, her only comfort comes from the touch of her guide dog. But as the night draws on, we're forced to wonder: what truly lurks beneath the bed?

The whole film is designed to be an ultra-short exercise in mood and gnawing tension. Building to a climax that will leave the viewer disturbed, distressed, and every other raw emotion we want and expect a good horror flick to elicit!

As a team, we aim to use the final product as proof that we can make an engaging and frightening commercial horror with limited resources, as well as a piece of art (yes, horrors are a form of art!) that we're all proud of.


Logan Marshall is a passionate young filmmaker from Auckland with a proven track record for making high-quality content on micro to no-budgets. With 'Manifest,' he aims to make a film that is powerful visually and emotionally, whilst taking a bold step towards a career beyond his backyard.


Nick Garrett dropped out of Uni and worked in commercial video production for a few years, before becoming a composer and somehow ending up at the New Zealand Film Commission. Together with Morgan Leigh Stewart, Nick started Urgency in 2018, a company dedicated to developing and producing low-budget, contained horror films for the international market.


Masters graduate Morgan Leigh Stewart has done time on film sets, in film festival offices, and behind the scenes of the 48 Hour Film contest. After learning the producing ropes across dozens of music videos and short films, Stewart was one of the producers of hit horror movie Deathgasm in 2015.


Fortunately, we've got a strong crew of incredibly dedicated, talented filmmakers that are willing to lend their time and resources in kind. This team is not only well-experienced at their craft, but have worked together time and time again - creating the perfect knowhow to shoot on a micro-budget. This leads to the question: what could we do with more?

Bringing 'Manifest' to the screen without compromising the quality of the final film will require more than just our own savings. Through this 25-day Boosted campaign we're hoping to raise at least $6,000 to cover most of the costs involved in bringing the film to life, with crew and cast working for the love of the project.

Every cent donated will be put towards the final film, and your money will be used to take the production value of this film to the next level. Lighting! Set dressing! Dogs! Blood! Argh! Without your generous donations the film wouldn't be nearly on the level that our team is envisioning.


If you have the money and are feeling generous, please click on the giant red button to make a donation. Every little bit counts!

URGENCY have kindly agreed to come on as match donors for the first $500 donated.

We appreciate even the smallest donation and will acknowledge all donors in the end credits of the film. Also, NZ donors qualify for a 33% tax rebate.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out. As Boosted is an all-or-nothing platform, unless we reach our target, we won't get a single dollar. So even if you can't afford to donate, please help spread the word by sharing this page around!

Thanks! :)


  • Thank you Hirepool


    A massive thanks to Hirepool for coming on board to support the project by hooking us up with free power for our remote location!

    Thank you Hirepool
  • Introducing Katie, "Benson"


    Introducing Katie, who will be playing our supporting lead. 

    Renown as one of the "goodest girls in the business," Katie is a 9-year-old golden retriever-actor extraordinaire. Her most-recent screen credit includes the opening episode of Television Drama "The Bad Seed." 

    Introducing Katie, "Benson"
  • Introducing Darien Takle, "Josanna"


    Introducing Darien Takle, who will be playing our lead actress.

    Darien Takle has acted in a wide variety of film and theatre productions, with over 40 years of work to her name. Some of her screen credits include, Xena Warrior Princess (as Xena’s mother Cyrene); Heavenly Creatures; Mercy Peak; Shortland Street; The Ugly; Both Sides of the Fence; Marlin Bay; Typhons People; Burying Brian; Edmund Hillary Series and 800 Words.

    Introducing Darien Takle, "Josanna"
  • Introducing "The House"


    After extensive scouting around the Auckland region (which consisted of three "door knocks" at strangers' houses), we've settled on the perfect grungy (yet safe) location to film our short! 

    Introducing "The House"
  • Introducing Mason Bennett, our Cinematographer


    Introducting Mason Bennett, who will be our Cinematographer. 

    After graduating from Film School in 2016, Mason has worked as an editor/ cinematographer across a wide range of content commercials, music videos and short films. His most recent collaboration with Logan Marshall for the 2019 48hrs Film Festival earned him a "Best Cinematography" nomination at the Auckland City Finals. 


    Introducing Mason Bennett, our Cinematographer