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Mammoth is a new movement work by Tallulah Holly-Massey. Four bodies. Mammals/humans/organisms. A supernatural hair dance.

I am a choreographer and performance artist and I have been given the Basement Theatre's prestigious Artist in Residence position for 2018 - previously awarded to Last Tapes Theatre Company (2016) and FAFSWAG (2017).

This position gives me the opportunity to explore my interests and push boundaries as an artist in a fully supportive environment.

My first work for the year 'Tender is the Night', was a part of the Summer season. It was highly successful artistically and had audiences raving about the work: "beautifully chaotic, brutally articulate, the most enjoyable indictment of our species I've ever experienced" - Jess Quaid

'Mammoth' is my second work for the residency - an investigation into hair as a signifier of social, cultural, and sexual identity, performed by four irreverent young dancers/actors. The inspiration for the movement is drawn entirely from internet tropes and videos of mammals socializing. The cast is made up of two dancers, two actors and a live musician.

I strongly believe that artists should be paid for their work in more than just 'experience'. For this reason, I am running a campaign to pay four performers,  musician and lighting designer for the five-night season in July. 

Bio - Tallulah Holly-Massey

Tallulah is a Unitec graduate and works as a freelance dancer, performer and choreographer. She has danced for and collaborated with many New Zealand choreographers, including Ann Dewey, Alexa Wilson, Kelly Nash, Claire O'Neil, Zahra Killeen-Chance, Joshua Rutter and Kristian Larsen.

Tallulah spent much of last year collaborating with artist and filmmaker Vincent Ward, and recently returned from a performance art laboratory in Arizona with Mexico/San Francisco based company La Pocha Nostra.


  • 3 days to go!!!


    We have two more shows to go and we are getting such a great response from our audiences!

    However we are running out of time to reach our target so if you have a spare few dollars to donate over the next three days we can pay our exceptionally talented performers.

    Thank you!

    The Mammoth team


    3 days to go!!!
  • 10 days left!


    Hi everyone!

    We have ten days left to reach our target. We've had some wonderful support so far but still have a long way to go!

    We are also only ten days out from our five night season at the Basement Theatre so we've been working hard in the studio and getting really excited to show this new work.

    I'm so lucky I get to work with this amazing cast of dancers and actors - Sione Fataua, Ariaana Osborne, Arlo Gibson and Benjamin Mitchell.

    Along with lighting designer Paul Bennett, live sound design Kristian Larsen and the support of Made with Magic Productions Sarah-Louise Collins.

    We hope to see you all there!


    10 days left!

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