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Madness Made Me

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Mary O'Hagan has recently accessed her psychiatric files, and is surprised to see how little they resonate with what she recalls from her involuntarily care. Happening upon some of her detailed diary entries from the same time, Mary attempts to connect the dots.
 On the wall of an old psychiatric ward Mary creates a collage of these two accounts. The juxtaposition shows how dominant language can affect the potential for recovery from mental distress, and limit our ability to find our own meaning in it.
 Told by the medical professionals she'd only ever be a basket weaver, Mary has since advised the United Nations on mental health policy, been published extensively, and was NZ's first openly mad Mental Health Commissioner.
 We need your help. Loading Docs has provided the majority of our budget, but we need to raise an extra $2000 to go towards hiring equipment, location fees and props for a truly cinematic film that will reach far and wide.
 We want people to see that recovery is possible. Madness isn't something to be ashamed of, or hidden away. Help us show, with our film, that it gets better.
 Nikki Castle - Director
 Alex Gandar - Producer
 Mary O'Hagan - Talent
 Graham Panther - Co-writer
 Tim Flower - Cinematography
 Haley Williams - Art Direction


  • Many Thanks (and keep it up!)


    We are so grateful for all your donations so far. We have just hit 100%, but encourage our potential audience for 'Madness Made Me' to keep contributing if they have the means. One thing we're aiming for is use of steadicam. If you know anything about steadicam you know it's not easy to do on a shoestring budget, so all your help will go towards this cinematic feat!

    Many Thanks (and keep it up!)

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