Jocee Tuck

'Made To Be' - Music Video

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Hi! My name is Jocee Tuck and I need your help to make a music video for my song 'Made To Be'. Your donations will also help to cover the costs of promoting the song as a single, and my debut album on Spotify and Apple Music.

I'm an Auckland-based alternative folk musician. I play the orchestral xylophone, and have a passion for writing songs, arranging small ensembles and creating nice melodies.

I played at the last Silver Scroll Awards, covering Tami Neilson's 'The First Man' song, and got a wonderful accolade from New Zealand's John Campbell: "a remarkable, beautiful version, you take a song that is spare and restrained, raw and striped back and you think I know, I'll add some brass, two xylophones, it was bloody suburb!"

In May 2016 I released my first album 'Mt Dora', which is available at

I recently received a grant from NZonAir, and with your help I can unlock the rest of the funding by making my first proper music video!

I am grateful for any donation you can give, and any extra funds raised will be put into making my next album.

Thank you so much for your support!

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  • Thank you! Almost there!



    I'm sorry I've been a bit elusive with my updates on here! First update and we're up to 93% - whoops!

    So there's 7 days left to go on this boosted campaign! And because wonderful and generous friends have donated, here's a little video I prepared earlier as a treat. A xylophone and a pregnant lady singing a song about a Camellia tree.
    (please excuse the claps I couldn't figure out how to edit them out)

    P.S. I have really been amazed at everyone who has donated and feel even a little silly that you would actually give me money, your hard earned money to make a music video! I hope I do you proud and thank you so much again for really giving so extravagantly!


    Have an awesome week and not long to go now!