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Lumina to Germany/Holland

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"Groundbreaking . . . Extraordinary . . . Hypnotic . . . " said the New Zealand Herald.

The New Zealand Dance Company's latest pioneering season, Lumina, hit the Auckland stage in August this year to audience and critical acclaim. This "groundbreaking" (NZ Herald) new season collides three dynamic teams of creative collaborators in a spectacle of contemporary light, sound and movement. Now, we've been invited to put Lumina on the international stage for the world to experience.

But, we need the support of New Zealand (that's you!) to get us there:

We need to raise $15,000 to get Lumina to Holland and Germany in January 2016.

We do admit this is a rather daunting number. But, it was only with your support through Boosted that we got to Holland in 2014. So, we are asking you to stand beside us once again and make a contribution to grow New Zealand contemporary dance internationally.

Each year, distinguished dance companies and artists from all over the world gather at the prestigious Holland Dance Festival. This festival is three weeks of contemporary dance at it's finest. We are proud to be putting the work of New Zealand choreographers Louise PotikiBryant and Malia Johnston, choreographer Stephen Shropshire (USA/Holland) and a dynamic mix of collaborators including composers Paddy Free, Eden Mulholland, Chris O'Connor and designer Kasia Pol on this international stage.

New Zealand and Holland have a long history together. 373 Years ago (to be exact!) pioneer Abel Tasman, his crew of 100 Dutch sailors and two ships set out on their exploratory expedition to search for the legendary "Great Southern Land". Nieuw Zeeland was put on the map.

Two years ago, in 2014, NZDC presented our World War One commemorative work, Rotunda at the Holland Dance Festival, collaborating with a local Dutch brass band. This time around, we aren't stopping there. We're stepping across the border for two centers in Germany for the very first time (we're scrubbing up on our German very fast . . . well, trying to!). 

We can't make this happen without you!

The sum of us will get New Zealand dance there.


  • We're off to Germany and Holland!



    The New Zealand Dance Company has officially been Boosted to take Lumina to Germany and Holland in January 2016! We could be more grateful and more thrilled! This is sure to be an exciting adventure and we are so proud to be touring the bold and beautiful work of our New Zealand artists and dancers to Germany and Holland.

    THANK YOU to our donors and advocates - you are our enablers and champions. We are now heading full steam ahead towards the Northern Hemisphere and we are very warmed to have such a strong family standing behind us in New Zealand as we make our way across the ocean.

    We would love to keep in touch! We really like Facebook and Twitter - these are the best places to catch up with all the goings-on and to track the company as we fly away to Germany and Holland. Give us a like or a follow, if you haven't already. Also, our e-newsletter keeps you first in the know and there's always some extra treats in there (such as interviews with our dancers revealing facts you never knew!). Sign up here:

    Once again, a very heartfelt thanks to all our donors and advocates. You make our world go round.

    From everyone at The New Zealand Dance Company


    We're off to Germany and Holland!
  • Together, we can get there!


    We are so thrilled to be at 50% of our target!

    Thank you to all our generous donors so far. You really are absolutely vital and every donation is incredibly meaningful to us. It's great to be over the half way mark . . . we're beginning to smell the Tulips and Bratwursts! But there is just one small catch . . . (you guessed it!) we still have another 50% to raise and, at time of writing, we have just 32 hours to raise this. Please forward this message, this is our final push to the finish line!

    Here are three great reasons to encourage people to donate:

    1. "It is sure to knock the Holland Dance Festival’s socks right off." - Lumina Premiere Season review, Bernadette Ray, New Zealand Herald.

    2. Louise Potiki Bryant, Paddy Free, Malia Johnston, Eden Mulholland, Rowan Pierce, Carl Tolentino, Chris Ofanoa, Chrissy Kokiri, Katie Rudd, Lina Limosani, Lucy Lynch, Tupua Tigafua, Xin Ji, Kasia Pol, Jo Kilgour, Abby Clearwater & Thomas Press. Each and every donation will be supporting the art and careers of these beautiful and talented New Zealand creators.

    3. Because you know how much we value the support of individuals that make the art world simply go around. Together we make a difference to the ability of small companies like ours to travel far in our imagination and on the global kilometre count.

    Now is not the time for beating around the bush, we're being bold. We need your help! Please encourage your networks to get their credit card out - even if they can only donate the cost of their morning coffee! This is all-or-nothing fundraising and we need to reach 100% of our target to get funded, or all of the donations are returned.

    Can you or someone you know help us cross the 100% mark? We promise that we will be jumping for joy if we make it - just like Carl here (perhaps not in such a glamourous way that only a dancer can do).

    Donate HERE

    Together, we can get there!
  • See the light, hear the noise!


    We are now in to our final week of our Boosted campaign! Gosh, how time flies.

    We have been so stoked with the donations so far - thank you to you generous people. But we're into our final week, with our campaign closing at MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 11 DEC and we still have a way to reach our target.

    Please continue to spread the word far and wide in our last week and encourage them to donate. The minimum donation is only $5. Our collective effort will get us there.

    Lumina is a compelling piece of New Zealand dance. This triple bill is jam packed with exciting and well seasoned New Zealand artists. Through supporting The New Zealand Dance Company in this Boosted campaign, you are supporting the work and careers of New Zealand practitioners internationally:

    Choreographer: Louise Potiki Bryant
    AV Design/Composer: Paddy Free

    Choreographer: Malia Johnston
    Composer: Eden Mulholland
    AV Design: Rowan Pierce

    Carl Tolentino, Chris Ofanoa, Chrissy Kokiri, Katie Rudd, Lina Limosani, Lucy Lynch, Tupua Tigafua, Xin Ji

    Set and Costume Design:
    Kasia Pol

    Technical Team:
    Jo Kilgour, Abby Clearwater & Thomas Press



    See the light, hear the noise!
  • A special message from Samuel Wuersten


    Introducing Mr Samuel Wuersten, Artistic and General Director of the renowned Holland Dance Festival, Executive director of Codarts Arts University Rotterdam as well as the Artistic Director of the Bachelor Dance program at Zurich Arts University in Switzerland. (Impressive right?)

    We were privileged to have Samuel fly all the way to New Zealand to see our premiere season of Lumina at The Maidment Theatre in Auckland. Now, from all the way over in the Netherlands, he can't wait for us to get over to Holland and Germany (and neither can we of course!)

    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated - we are thrilled to be almost sitting at 30%! We can't wait to show Holland and Germany this compelling work of New Zealand dance.

    However, we do still have a way to go ($10,930.00 to be exact!). But we reckon that we can get there. We're feeling positive and are doing our most to spread the word. We have the support of some very strong advocates behind us (like Samuel and our generous donors). This word of mouth support is our best form of advocacy. So please, tweet it, facebook book it, email it, Instagram it - you could even write about it in a letter (we love old school!). Here's the link:

    Lastly here's a nifty idea: donations are not just about money (although this is very helpful). Donate your Facebook status, sharing our story. Donate your time by sharing this link with friends. We'd really appreciate it.

    We'll be back with another update as we head towards the finish line!

    All the best,


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