Lizzie Morris

Lucinda the Cactus Girl

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Cacti aren't all that different from humans. They're mostly made up of water, they're resilient, they have nipples and there are lots of different types. Lucinda has 200 Cacti. It's sort of like she has 200 friends.

We are creating a show, a cool show, a cool show about cacti, and we need your help.

Lucinda the Cactus girl is a devised solo work by Lizzie Morris, Directed by Freya Boyle, that explores what it's like living with anxiety and the absurd places our minds can take us. We open our fun little show on October the 18th at The Basement Theatre in Auckland and run for 5 days, closing on the 22nd.

We need a set. A set to do a play on. We want to make a set that is mostly cacti. But we only have one.
That's where you come in.
We are asking you to donate us a little bit of moolah so we can buy cacti to make our show awesome. We are aiming to find 200 Cacti before our season starts so that we can cover the basement studio in prickly goodness, and if there's a little left over we can buy cool things like cactus-themed props.

But here's the best part: If you donate today and choose to tell us who you are, we will name the cactus we buy with your money after you. That cactus will appear in the show and you can come and see it in action.

Thanks for your donation!