Monique Aiken


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Hi, I am Monique Aiken, (my friends call me Nikki) I am a young singer-songwriter and performer.

"LOVERS" is the title of my latest work which explores the complex nature of love. You may know how demanding it is to drive, fund and promote an album alone. STRING; first project was achieved by passion and ignorance but it came at a cost I now can't repeat. So this time I am reaching out for your support.

I'm very excited because Roundhead one of NZ's top studio's will let me into record, which will provide a high-quality result. Also, I have a $ for $ match donor for this project, meaning any amount you donate will get matched 100%, doubling the value your contribution.

Here's what I commit to invest this sponsorship in:

Roundhead Studio fees: $5175
Engineering: $1800
Mixing: $1000
Production: $1108
Session musicians: $1411
Mastering: $506

Total: $11,000

With your financial backing, we can achieve this recording, production & mastering to bring the LOVERS EP to life and support the growth of this young artists career.

Thank you



SWEDEN | Single from String