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Lost in Space!

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Lost in Space!

On 2 October 2014, 6,000 people came to Sydenham in Christchurch for a great evening of public art, live music, street markets, exhibitions and performance for the city's inaugural First Thursdays.

First Thursdays returns to Sydenham 5 February with LOST IN SPACE! Featuring more than 40 artists, this is a community event that brings art into the public domain. Three projects developed for First Thursdays' by artists, Jordana Bragg, Ed Lust and Sandy Austin-Fraser will go where no one has gone before.

In a public performance piece, Wellington-based artist Jordana Bragg investigates intergalactic, physical and cyber 'space'. Dressed in an astronaut suit, Bragg navigates the streets of Sydenham, live-streaming her travels to a 'home base' in an act that excavates the everyday. $500 will provide materials and travel.

Sandy Austin-Fraser brings together performance, fashion and Sci-Fi in a live window display. Arabella's Got A '70s Hair-Do presents an opulent vista of pseudo-space-celebrities, frozen behind a 'holographic force-field' but brought to life to perform for their adoring fans on the other side. $1,000 will contribute to fabrics, construction, props and models.

Multimedia artist Ed Lust's work will take shape as a pseudo-sentient large scale projection, incorporating a smoke filled amorphous screen suspended in space. Channelling outmoded special effects and X-files glam, it presents an echo chamber of cinematic dreams, memories and ego; $500 provides materials.

If you are in Christchurch 5 February come along and see these and all the other activities. It will be a great night out again in Sydenham!

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