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What would you do if your own body became your worst enemy?

Meet Dominic Hoey a.k.a. Tourettes. 

Outspoken political views, a dark sense of humour and in-your-face tattoos mean that he tends to polarize people. He has never shied away from confrontation in his music, his writing or his live performances but since being diagnosed with the degenerative bone disease Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.) he now faces a daily battle with his own muscles and joints that cause near constant pain.

There is no cure for this condition. In one sense Dom is ultimately fighting a #Losing battle. To combat the symptoms of A.S. the hard-partying hip-hop punk is now living a vegan lifestyle with yoga and meditation. 

Our film is about the effect A.S. has had on Dom's identity and practice as an artist. A.S. has stripped Dom of the physicality of his performances so he has swapped stage swagger for a typewriter. Now this born performer only has his words to connect with and hold an audience. Are they enough?

#Losing has been selected by the Loading Docs Initiative, an incredible launch pad for NZ filmmakers. Because they wanted to see this film get made too, Loading Docs, along with principal partner NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commision, and Te Mangai Paho, have started us out with an awesome $2,000 dollars and support for Post Production. What's more they will also match your Boosted donations dollar for dollar up to another $2000.

Additionally, we're excited to have the good people at Fee Langstone onboard as Match Donors as well, thanks Fee Langstone!

So think of it this way: every dollar you give is worth three!

However, we don't get any of that money unless we can reach our Boosted campaign goal so we need your help.

Your sponsorship will go towards outfitting a talented crew with quality cameras, lenses, microphones and everything else they'll need to help us make Dom's story leap off the screen, we also plan to film a live event that you'll hopefully be able to attend!

We want to make #Losing something special that can shine a light on a situation many people suffer in silence and show that coping with something life threatening can be positively life changing.


Stjohn, Damian & James. 

Who we areā€¦
Stjohn Milgrew - Co Director
A Multimedia artist, Photographer and Filmmaker, who has been documenting New Zealand music and its Hip-Hop culture for over two decades.
Damian Golfinopoulos - Co Director
An editor, writer, director who has worked in news and investigative journalism for the past five years. Director of 12 well received music videos and a Vimeo staff picked short documentary.
James Kerr - Producer
Promo Producer, Technical Director and Editor in broadcast T.V.


  • New Goals.


    Well it's be quite a week for the #Losing team.

    Ya can't be sure how something like this will go but we new we knew cool people who would support a project like this that we really cared about making properly.

    But we didn't expect to hit the target in a day.
    Thank you very much to everyone who has donated, it truly means a whole lot to us.

    It's a huge vote of confidence in the whole #Losing project that's made us reconsider what we can achieve. To put it bluntly all our Plan Bs are out the window, it's all Plan As from here on in.
    We still have weeks of crowd funding to go and we would be fools not to go for it and set ourselves up to make this film as good as we can and obviously every dollar donated directly helps to make that happen.

    So we're going for 5 Grand.

    We will use that money to expand the scale and scope of the film and ultimately make #Losing the film you are proud to support.

    Specifically: We will be able to expand some of our intended set pieces, especially a live event we are planning to film and we can afford to pay for a composer we've been crossing our fingers to work with. No one will get rich off #Losing but Boosted support puts us in a position to make sure passionate and talented people won't be out of pocket for bringing their skills to the film.

    A big shout out to the good people at Fee Langstone
    Thanks for helping make #Losing a winner!

    And to those have already donated: we know you know cool and interesting people who might be keen to help out a project like #Losing. We'd really appreciate it you would pass on the word. It's kinda like donating twice.

    Stjohn, Damian and James.

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