Jane Kellahan

London Biennale 2015

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Dear Ones,

I received correspondence last week from the organisers of the Biennale. They said, "Jane, we love your work and because you've exhibited with us before, you get automatic entry to represent New Zealand." I replied, "How thrilling, thank you". Then something occurred to me - the dreadful exchange rate which means I have to pay double and a tad more to enter and get the works to London and maybe home again.

I am one of 120 artists from forty nations. I believe I've got a frightfully good chance of doing well as I was awarded third prize at the Biennale of Chianciano, in Italy 2011. Peter Gagliardi, the Curator described my prize piece 'The Water that Fell' as "An excellent and breathtaking painting. The composition soft whilst the light captured is strong and powerful. This painting is definitely a Museum piece. A stimulating work that provokes contemplation".

For those with a sharp and inquiring mind see www.londonbiennale.co.uk.

The work I am creating will be based on 'A Place of Paradise'. Something lush, original, big and bold - a right show stopper. I'll take on the same strategy when I won the prestigious Cricket Art Prize in Australia in 2009. I'll create something you feel completely connected to and simply can't walk away from.

About me

I'm self taught artist. I've always stuck to my passion, never swayed off the golden path. I'm a free thinker and a truth seeker which enables me to translate my vision to canvas with integrity and honesty. This is me www.janekellahan.co.nz

Thank you so much for supporting me in this journey. Have a great day, see you on the London eye!


"Jane is an extremely focused and driven artist who creates awe-inspiring, powerful emotive paintings."
- Vincent Ward, Award Winning Movie Maker and Artist