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London 2015

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Make Their Praises Heard Afar

The Royal New Zealand Ballet are taking two brand-new Anzac-inspired works to one of the most celebrated dance centres in the world, London. Kiwi stories, Kiwi choreographers, and our national ballet company: all that is missing is you. Be a part of one of the most significant tours that the RNZB has ever staged. Help us take New Zealand art to the world.

You're seeing them now in the RNZB's Salute season, currently touring the country. Neil Ieremia's 'Passchendaele' and Andrew Simmons' 'Dear Horizon': shudderingly powerful dance about some of our darkest days.

If you were mesmerised by the unbridled talent of these choreographers and dancers, and moved by the challenging themes they conveyed - if you felt a sense of pride and wanted to share these works with others - then we invite you to join us for what comes next.

Theatres of War

You can help us take these special WWI-themed pieces from New Zealand stages back to the original theatres of war. The tour keeps growing, with more dates added in Scotland, England, and Italy to meet the international demand for the company's work. And with bigger tours come greater financial burdens and bigger logistical demands. Our best-laid plans have burst their seams, and we don't want to say 'no' to this opportunity.

In what will now be one of the lengthiest international tours in the company's history, we will be taking these works, along with our blockbuster production of Giselle, to European audiences through October-December 2015. Every costume and piece of set will make the journey, from the washing machines to lighting rigs to hundreds of pointe shoes - not to mention our dancers and crew.

Poppies and Pohutukawas

We're the little company that can, from the little country that could.

We're fortunate enough to have the enlightened support of government, companies, and individuals who believe in what the RNZB achieves on a fraction of what international ballet companies have. But this is a moment to reach beyond what we can do, to what we could do.

That's why we're offering every Kiwi who wants to see New Zealand represented on international stages the opportunity to donate. Join us. However big or small an amount, your support gets us a step closer to London.


  • Thank You from the RNZB


    'London 2015' has made it to 100%.

    We want to say thank you the way we do best - with our feet. In the studio, on stage, in the wings, and in Wardrobe, dancers and staff and crew are all working hard to repay your faith in us.

    We look forward to sharing news of our 2015 international tour with you, as well as our further national tours.

    Thank You from the RNZB
  • One Week To Go


    Hello all,

    The RNZB dancers have now given their final New Zealand performances of 'Dear Horizon' and 'Passchendaele'; performances that critics have hailed as a 'tour de force'.

    Now, the next stop for these fantastic pieces is our international tour, and you're helping get them to those world stages.

    We've got a week to get this project across the line. We are so close - and together we'll get there.


    One Week To Go
  • Halfway to London?


    Hello all,

    A very big THANK YOU from the company dancers and all of us at the RNZB for your fantastic response to our Boosted campaign. It's great having you with us as we prepare to take New Zealand dance to the world.

    We're halfway through our Boosted campaign - and halfway through our national tour of Salute. It's about now that feet get sore, nights feel even later. But when that curtain goes up, our dancers get their energy from the audience, and they deliver another powerful performance.

    Your Boosted donation is like that for us too. So, bring on the next half of the campaign! London, here we come.

    And if you want to re-live Dear Horizon and Passchendaele, we've got performance footage on our website: Enjoy!

    Next stop on the tour is Auckland. So if you know someone who might enjoy our Anzac tribute as much as you did, then please do spread the word.

    With thanks again from your national ballet company.

    Halfway to London?
  • Passchendaele in performance


    Passchendaele in performance