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LOIMATA - The Sweetest Tears

Our Feature Film LOIMATA captures the powerful, final journey of Ema Siope as she frees her family from shame and forges a new path to peace. We invite you to help us finish the film and join the growing community of people bringing Ema's magnificent life to cinemas and televisions. Together we will ensure that Ema's life is always remembered.

Ema Siope is six feet tall, a waka builder, waka captain and has traversed the greatest ocean on the planet reviving and sharing our voyaging history. On August 25th Ema passed away. To her last breath she fought for peace and unity.

Ema is a wahine toa. So often, great women powerfully weave together people, and communities but their stories remain untold. However Ema opened her life to us. She had nothing to lose and a pure intention in her heart:-

"If my life can encourage just one person who is lost, then that is enough."

Ema was determined to create a future of hope. She knew how to navigate storms and listened to the voices of her ancestors so she would never be lost. Ema harnessed this power to re-kindle her family's connection to Samoa and heal them from the trauma that has kept them apart. It's a journey many wish to take but don't have the courage to do so.

We have a beautiful feature film in the making and now we are raising the funds necessary to get the film to the big screen. When the lights go down in the cinema and we sit once again with our dear friend Ema, we know her story will encourage many people - not just here but across the world.

"She's faced more challenges than most of us could endure and she has quietly raised a generation of Maori and Pasifika leaders"

Director: Anna Marbrook

Producers: Anna Marbrook & Jim Marbrook

Executive Producers: Dr. Tamasailau Sualii-Sauni & Dame Gaylene Preston

Cultural Advisors/Faufautua faa'Samoa: Dr Ai'iloilo Elise Puni & Dr Leulua'i'alii Laumua Tunufa'i

Associate Producers: Mike McCombie & Roger Lampen

Director of Photography: Jess Charlton

Editor: Malcolm Clarke

Composer Matthew Suttor

Supported by NZ On Air, Maori Television and DocEdge. Film made possible by the generosity and support of the Siope aiga.