Jess Fu

Little Asian Girls

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Little Asian Girls is a new short film directed and produced by third-year AUT Television students, Jess Fu and Jogai Bhatt.

The premise follows the members of an all-Asian feminist punk band in the early 2000s, who must confront an esteemed music journalist after receiving a scathing review.

The narrative centres around Cici, a first-generation Chinese immigrant who struggles to balance her traditional values with a love for rebellious punk music. Cici is the drummer for Yellow Peril, alongside lead singer KZ and bassist Meimei.

The women constantly battle with the issue of establishing themselves in a white, male-dominated punk scene, which leads to conflict between the band members in how they should approach such a situation.

With your help, we are aiming to raise $1500 for this production, which will go towards:
-Paying our lead actors
-Providing catering for cast and crew
-Hiring out location and rehearsal space
-Hiring equipment - for both filming and performance purposes i.e instruments and lighting equipment
-Creating props and necessary costuming

We are passionate about telling this story, as it expresses themes very close to us - themes that are often underrepresented in mainstream media. We want to present a narrative that is empowering and personable for young women of colour and other minority groups, as well as eye-opening to the majority that are often unaware of the micro-aggressions they perpetuate.

Little Asian Girls is a story about family, intercultural relationships, overcoming stereotypes, and confronting the patriarchy.

Thanks for your support.