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'Little Arrows'

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I've been waiting to share this project with you for 6 years now. Seems crazy that so much time has passed. But time is nothing in comparison to losing someone you love - I'd wait another 6 more if it meant bringing Sam back. But he lives in our hearts now ... plus he'd kick my ass if I didn't finish what we started.

Little Arrows is an album that Sam Prebble, Dylan Storey and I created. I wrote the songs but the music was all ours - we spent a year and a half honing and shaping the songs and our show - we used to play as a 3 piece me on the keys, guitar and drums, Dylan on electric guitar and Sam on violin and mandolin and all of us on the singing.

When we were ready we held a performance at my house for our friends Mike Hall and Mike Franklin-Browne who would play bass and drums on our album. Simon Gooding was there too and he took on the task of producing and engineering our sound. With the help of Simon & Jeremy McPike at York St we took our live show to the studio.

Life got pretty tough for me - over the years I had every intention of finishing the album but a whole lot of stuff got in the way. I'd add things where I could but it was painfully slow and I didn't have the ability or resources to complete it - this beautiful thing we had created was stuck in the muck and myre of life.

In October 2014 - a month and a half after we recorded Hopeful & Hopeless at the wine cellar - Sam suicided. It took a lot to reengage with our music again - especially Little Arrows - I felt like if only …

But this year - this year I am releasing two projects - the EP we made at The Wine Cellar, 'Hopeful & Hopeless' and our amazing record, 'Little Arrows'. We spent several months last year and this year working on completing the album with Simon at the helm mixing and mastering our work. It's been really huge.

I want you to know I'm doing it because I want to honour my brother, I want to honour myself and Dylan and Sam and the toil we went through to make this music, I want to remember the joy of playing our music together … but even more than that I want so much to share our project with you. And if you're open to it we're ready - Sam, Dylan and I are ready to show you what we made.

This is Sam's work, you hear his voice in the music, I think it's the best thing we made together and I'm soo very proud and honored to ask you to join us on this journey.

I've created this Boosted project as an opportunity for us to share Little Arrows with all of our community, with the people on the road that we met and love, the family and fans of Sam's and ours, and for people who've never heard us - this ones for you too.

We'll use the money from this campaign solely to share Little Arrows with you. All donations will go towards printing Little Arrows on vinyl and cd - this will be Sam's first vinyl and I know he'd be so overjoyed at the thought. And the rest will be used to support the tour of the album in September.

We look forward to sharing with you.

 x Reb


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