Laura Faire

Limited Edition Cookery

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Sunday Star Times Lifestyle Columnist, NZ chef, recipe writer and food stylist Laura Faire wants to celebrate AUTHENTIC, SEASONAL, NEW ZEALAND RECIPES in a beautiful, HAND-FINISHED, limited edition, ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY cookbook.

Laura has collected 80 of her favourite recipes to create this local, natural and beautiful cookbook.  Each recipe in the book is inspired by the season or her garden.

Having written quite a few books already and had them published, this time Laura is managing the whole publishing process for this book from start to finish.  It is a book that reflects her food and strong ideas. Limited Edition Cookery has been crafted with collaborators who share the same love of the environment.

Limited Edition Cookery will be printed and bound in Auckland by Soar Printing. Laura will touch each page personally, finishing each copy with unique artistic touches (e.g. adding seeds, applying gold leaf, chalk washes). Each book is hand wrapped with eco-paper wrap and then personally signed and numbered as part of this limited edition.

Project funding of $10,000 would allow a 'minimum' run of 100, this edition is limited to 1000.

Limited Edition Cookery is a labour of love, quality and care.  The materials used in this book are clean enough to be added to your compost and then spread through your garden.  Even if this book doesn't sell, it will be good for the planet.


  • Hand-finishing


    Taking the time to hand finish each book with gold leaf and chalk washes is part of what makes these beautiful books unique.