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Let's liven up Lilburn's loo, and beautify the bathroom

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How many great works have benefitted from a lengthy bath? How many flashes of musical inspiration occurred during a cogitative toothbrushing? And let's not forget the toilet, that place of creative invention...

At the Lilburn Residence in Thorndon, our Composers-in-Residence seek quiet sanctuary to further their craft. The bathroom, toilet and laundry SHOULD be a key part of the experience.

BUT, the dripping of taps disturbs their contemplation. Rusted fittings from Lilburn's era make the bathroom an unwelcoming place. Rotting timbers endanger the long-term survival of this important heritage building. The bath is currently held together by a large piece of sellotape from John Elmsly's tenure.

With your help, we can fund:

    - a new bath & shower unit, with new fittings

    - a new floor in the bathroom, toilet and laundry

    - a new basin

    - a new toilet

    - and a lick or two of paint!

We want the house to be a place of rich, musical greatness - not cracked paint and mouldy corners! Help us achieve our dream of a warm Wellington sanctuary.

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