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Georgie Goater and Oliver Connew are friends, good friends. Yet, their personalities are almost diametrically opposed. To Oliver, Georgie is absurd. To Georgie, Oliver is ridiculous.

This is the starting point for Like This, Like Us, the first in a planned triptych of new duets from award-winning choreographer (Best in Dance, NZ Fringe Festival 2012), Oliver Connew. Initially inspired by the dynamics of a friendship, two humanoids explore the rabid cult of individualism in a plastic-wrapped, ready-to-use world where the contemplations of science-fiction have invaded reality and supplanted the need for commonality. Like This, Like Us treads the first steps of a hypothetical path into our future.

Together with new music from accomplished musician Alfredo Ibarra, innovative lighting design by Amber Molloy and stage design by Valentina Serebrennikova, the alien-like physicalities of these performers take, as a reviewer has said of a previous work, a further 'leap across the yawning chasm of the landscape of "self" that has preoccupied a whole generation of choreographers before...'  [Jenny Stevenson, Theatreview] and instead address issues of a new generation.

Support is needed to get Like This, Like Us through the workshop stage and in front of an audience. Here on Boosted, arts supporters not only get the chance to be part of the next success of an emerging choreographer whose work has been described as 'a flawless show of style and substance' [Jennifer Sheenan, Dominion Post], but also a hand in the vital exposure of the exceptional artists who are coming along for this ride.

Your support is hugely appreciated.

Like This, Like Us

22 - 25 May 2013, 7PM
at Basement Theatre, Auckland





    THIS IS NUTS! We managed to jump 16% in just one day. Incredible! Next bet is to do 10 better, 26% in one day!


    That's the goal: 26%, just $510, in one day!


    If each of you was to immmediatley, upon reading this message, tell just 5 people about this Boosted campaign, I reckon we would not only reach our goal, but probably surpass it. IMAGINE THAT!


    Thanks so much. Feeling the aroha.


    Like This, Like Us opens next Wednesday 22 May, 7PM at the Basement Studio in Auckland. Can't wait to see some of you there!


    All the best,




    P.S. If you're recide in Auckland, watch out for our flyers and posters. I was busy with the sellotape and bluetac today! Even the local shops are getting in on it...




  • It's all happening very quickly...




    Full speed ahead at the moment...

    We've hit 58% on the campaign. 3-days to go. It is within sight.


    And in just over a week, we will be opening Like This, Like Us at Basment Theatre.

    22-25 May, 7PM


    We are all getting quite excited.


    We had our first full-run over the weekend. below is a sneak-peak photo (photo by Bruce Connew)


    Thanks for the support. We are getting closer and it's all happening very quickly...keep the word flowing.


    Thanks so much.



    It's all happening very quickly...
  • 7-DAYS LEFT!






    That is splendid! Thank you all very much.

    We have 7-days to go and 54%. Doable. If you know anyone who would like to contribute, now would be the time for them to do so! I'm sure they wouldn't want to miss the opportunity; offer them a friendly reminder...


    The show is coming along very well. It's starting to come together and everyone is looking forward to getting in the theatre. If you're in Auckland Sunday 12 May, we are opening up our rehearsal at Unitec dance studios between 3PM-5PM to a few people, which includes you. We would love to see you there!



    Please share this project!



    We need some help!



    The image attached this time is our excellent poster designed by Studio Catherine Griffiths. Watch out for it if you're in Auckland!



    Thanks so much,



    7-DAYS LEFT!
  • The countdown has begun!




    So yes, the countdown has indeed begun! Thanks to you lovely and generous people, we are in a really strong position. THANK YOU SO MUCH! There is still a way to go though. We can definitely achieve our goal, but not without some extra help. So can I ask you to please please please share this link (http://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/like-this,-like-us) to your networks, to anyone (!) who might be keen to contribute. This will be such a big help.


    We are doing well, but we need your help.


    We did some set building the other day. I've attached (a rather cryptic) photo.


    Thanks so much again for your support. Please share!


    More updates soon...


    Ollie Connew

    The countdown has begun!

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